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The Must-Have Summer Promotional Item

Smartphones, for most of us, are an essential part of our every day. An accessory we carry with us to keep connected to the world. So it’s great that they have some useful features, for example, the thousands of helpful apps available at our fingertips.  Whether you want to track your fitness, book a taxi or find the nearest restaurant – there’s an app for that!


As well as the convenient software, there are also handy additions you can plug in or clip on; from fish-eye lenses to lampshades.


Our Promotional Phone Fans are the latest must-have, an ideal personalised gift for hot summer days when you need to cool down. Simply plug the device into a iPhone or Android…and feel the breeze!


It’s good to know that unlike most companies we can print on both blades of the fan, making the most of your logo. We can print your design up to 2 colours on a range of coloured fans. So you can create the perfect customised fan for your brand.


If you’d like to discuss creating your promotional phone fan then contact our friendly sales team, who will be happy to help.


Are Webcam Covers vital for personal security?

If you are concerned about your security online, then you have good reason to be. The internet is forever growing and frustratingly we can’t always control where our information ends up. However, there is one aspect of your computer security you can regulate – who you engage with on your devices webcam.

Every day we are actively using our webcams to video call for work, to ‘facetime’ with a friend or to catch up with long distance relatives. But did you know, even when you are not using your webcam someone could still be watching your every move. That’s a scary thought. Which is why clever little devices like Webcam Covers have grown ever popular, in a constantly growing digital age.

Webcam covers make great giveaway ideas as they’re something people don’t realise they need until they have it, and then will they use it constantly! We have a range of screen covers so you can find the best one for your company, our Webcam Cover With Screen Cleaner is a great 2-in-1 gift, this slots in front of the webcam.


Webcam Cover Colours



Looking for a webcam cover you can slide across your webcam without damaging the screen? Then look no further than our Sliding Webcam Cover, simply attach the back to the screen and slide open and close when needed. This can be branded on the cover itself as well as the backing card.




For something more sleek why not brand the Peep Webcam Cover, a simple design that is small enough to be installed on phones as well as tablets and laptops. Brand up to full colour on the backing card.


Online security is more important than ever, so ensure your clients personal safety and privacy with a branded webcam cover. Contact our friendly sales team today to create your customised cover.

9860 flip flops

Get Holiday Ready With Personalised Flip Flops!

When it’s time to go on holiday we all make sure we pack the essentials; sun cream, towel, sunglasses, beach ball and without a doubt – flip flops.


Yes, flip flops have become an absolute holiday staple. Perfect for wearing to the beach or lounging by the pool, they are comfortable and classic.


That’s why we have a range of flip flops you can brand with your company logo. Branded flip flops will be seen far and wide. Customising them with your logo ensures maximum impact.


Why not personalise our classic Salti Flip Flops? Available in a wide range of colours so you can be sure to find the right ones for you. They can printed on the strap, or on the heel so your logo will be seen with every step.


Of if you are looking for something different, tailor our Sand Print Flip Flops and your logo will be cut into the sole – your design will leave an imprint in the sand.


Our Caiman Flip Flops are ideal for summer, made with a fabric strap for extra comfort these flip flops will last. Personalise them with your logo for giveaways at events and shows.


If you still can’t see the perfect flip flops to suit your brand then don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales team who will try and source them for you, we love a challenge!


9860 flip flops
8884-19 flip flops

Promotional Party Time!

It’s time to start thinking about all those summer parties! No doubt you’ll be relaxing, reconnecting with friends and attending countless family BBQ’s on the weekends.

But now you can start preparing for all the branding opportunities at your event this summer! A party is the perfect pick-me-up after a season of hard work, it’s time to recharge and network.

So, if you’re hosting a company event you’ll be needing promotional cups, napkins, coasters, glasses and more. Luckily, at AMT we have a section dedicated to catering products; where you can find everything you will need, and ensure your guests are drinking fruit punch out of cups with your logo.

If you’re having a relaxed garden party why not consider the world renowned American Style Party Cups, ideal for outdoor events these sturdy cups are great for personalising with your logo or message. They’re also available in a selection of colours to suit your brand – choose from red, green, blue or yellow.



You can also customise cost effective Napkin Rings, made from quality paper these napkins keep your party looking neat and tidy. They can be branded up to full colour so you can really make the most of your company logo.


For more formal occasions we have our Linen Napkins, these napkins are classy and elegant, the perfect table setting accompaniment. Ideal for branding with your logo these napkins are machine washable and high quality, so you can use them time and time again.

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And if after all that you still can’t find what you are looking for, just speak to our friendly and experienced sales team who will source the product for you!


Branding Methods: A Handy Guide


You’ve found your perfect promotional product, it will look great with your company logo and it’s ideal for your budget…but how will you brand it? With so many methods available for different products it can be difficult to find the best option. So, here is a guide to help you find the branding method for you.



Embroidery is a stitching method that is extremely durable; usually associated with branding on clothing, bags and most fabrics. This is a technique often preferred over printing as it can give a higher quality look, it will also stay looking great even after washing.



Embossing or Blocking
Embossing is the process of creating your design in relief on a surface using heat and pressure. Blocking is the process of using a stamp to leave an indented mark on a material, this can most effectively be done with printing on leather.
If you are looking to put your branding on a product that will last a long time, engraving is the best option. For aluminium surfaces particularly, you can create a high-quality finish. The product can look more expensive and stylish due to this printing method. It works by cutting into the surface of hard objects like glass and metal. Laser engraving has now become more popular as it is a quicker way of achieving similar results.


Transfer Printing
This is a method whereby the image is prepared on a special paper that is then placed onto the object in its ‘unglazed state’. After its initial firing to transfer the image to the object; the object is then glazed and fired again to make the image permanent. Because of its complexity, transfer printing is expensive and time consuming; but gives a great finish. It is mainly used when you need to apply a design to a curved or uneven surface, such as pottery or fabrics with a textured surface.
Screen Printing
Screen printing is the process of changing vectored images into a template, this is then laid onto a screen where the ink is forced through fine mesh onto the surface of the product. This is often used for designs with a one colour print because this process can do one colour at a time, although multiple colours can be printed.



Pad Printing
Pad printing is simply the process of printing the artwork from a plate that holds the ink with your design, a silicone pad is brought down onto the plate which makes it tacky – from this it deposits the print onto the product. The ink usually dries quickly, and multiple colours can be printed.
A dye-sublimation print is a process that uses heat to transfer dye onto a product made of plastic card, paper or fabric. The ‘sublimation’ name is because the dye transitions between the solid and gas states without going through a liquid stage, and is mainly used for producing photographic prints.


Four Colour Process
The four colour process is a method used for printing images with more than three base colours. Images are broken down into the four CYMK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key black) colours. Individual colour plates are then created from the digital images. This allows the printer greater control over the whole process. By careful dot alignment the original artwork is recreated.



So there you have it, the various branding methods we use to create your perfect promotional product. Whichever method is applicable to your merchandise you can be sure there will be a great end result. Contact our friendly sales team today if you have an item in mind and would like advice on how it can be printed.




Festival Season Is Coming


It’s time to polish off your muddy boots, dig out your tent and clear your calendar – festival season is coming.


The summer months are the most popular for festivals and outdoor events. So, with summer slowly and surely approaching it’s time to think about making the most of promotional merchandise opportunities all across the UK and abroad.


Every year thousands of people attend festivals over the globe; expecting to have fun with friends, see their favourite band live and maybe receive a free goodie or two. Whether it’s an 80,000 attendance festival or an independent 4,000 capacity – you could be promoting your brand to a big crowd.


We have fantastic products in our festival range, perfect for giveaways. Our Suncare Lotion is always an appreciated item, with a carabiner for convenience it’s easy to carry around. The classically popular Silicone Wristbands are a great giveaway gift, simple yet effective and available in a wide range of colours. Or how about our Festival Day Kit? This ultimate survival kit includes an energy sweet, lemon fresh wipe, 2 mints, a poncho, sunscreen and tissues.


From hand sanitises and sweets, to smartphone fans for when you need to cool down – you can find the perfect promotional item. Brand it with your company logo or message to make an impact. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our festival section, contact our friendly sales team who will source your ideal product for you!


Silicone Wristbands – Domed – All Colours (Domed)
updated festival kit

Promotional Beach Balls Are Perfect For Summer

Summer is slowly creeping closer, and soon people will be flocking to beaches to enjoy the sun for as long as it lasts! We head to the coast to top up our tans, relax, swim, spend quality time with the family and most of all – have fun!


So, whether you’re making the most of the great British summer or heading off abroad, one thing is for sure; you’ll be taking a beach ball with you. Why not make sure that it’s branded with your logo and design? You can promote your company on one of the most popular beach items everyone will see.


Here at AMT Marketing we have a great range of beach balls for fun with all the family – from our Play Large Beach Balls to our Extra Large Beach Balls, you are bound to find the perfect ball for your brand style. Our Large Beach Balls are even larger than the industry standard – providing a great branding area!


Festival goers will love our Ibiza Transparent Beach Balls, ideal for beach festivals as they come in a range of colours so you can find the perfect fit for your company. Order now to have your promotional beach balls ready to go by summer!



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The Fidget Cube Craze

The Fidget Cube was an idea first designed by two brothers who were self-proclaimed “fidgeters”. They started fundraising on the site ‘Kickstarter’ and within a week it had soared past its $15,000 goal. So, due to huge demand the fidget cube was officially born.

It’s made up of 6 sides including: a ball bearing and wheels, thumb stick, a groove called “breathe”, 5 small buttons, a switch, and a rotary circle to whirl under your thumb. Plenty of elements to keep your hands busy.

Fidget-Box- resized

The overwhelming response the brothers received on their boredom-busting mission exposed just how many closet “fidgeters” we have in society. Whether it’s absentmindedly twirling your pen, tapping your leg or doodling on your notepad – nearly all of us are guilty of it.

One of the reasons the fidget cube has gained popularity so quickly is that it looks remarkably professional, something compact and simple that doesn’t look out of place in the office.

Fidget-Box-Image-2 resized


As well as using the cube at work, many have praised its usefulness regarding mental health. For people with ADHD it has proven to be an effective tool to help keep their minds occupied.

However, it doesn’t stop there; many mental health professionals believe it can help an even wider audience such as autistic children and anxiety suffers.

With this in mind, AMT Marketing have fidget cubes that you can brand with your company logo to create the perfect promotional product! They can be used in schools, offices, universities, or even as a giveaway at events. If you want your very own personalised fidget cube, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales team today.


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Deluxe shaker

Protein Shakers, the perfect workout partner

No doubt you will be familiar with protein shakers if you have started your health kick this year. Maybe a healthier you was part of your ‘New Year, new me’ motto. But finding the motivation to maintain our fitness plans is hard. That’s why most of us need a little help to keep us on the right track.

Protein shakers are the new must-have fitness essential. So why are some people late to the trend? Well, protein shakers may seem daunting if you’re just starting out.

But did you know, it’s actually really quite simple…if working out is new to you and you’re also keen on building muscle, you’ll need more protein that you usually would! That’s where protein shakers almost become an essential. More and more people are realising the benefits of adding protein to their diets to enhance their workout results.

To keep up with this rise in demand we have a variety of promotional protein shakers for you to choose from. From cheaper options like our Shaker 500cc to the luxury versions like our Deluxe Protein Shaker complete with built-in supplement storage compartments.

There are branded protein shakers for every company to make their own. With different colour options, designs and sizes you can be sure you’ll find the perfect personalised protein shaker to reflect your brand best. Contact our friendly sales team today.

8784 protein shaker
600ml protein shaker
shaker 500
Deluxe shaker

Fidget Spinners Are Your New Favourite Thing

Fidget Spinners are the latest craze sweeping the globe. From Australia, to America and now the U.K! The fidget spinner is taking over!

Forbes magazine recently described it as the “must-have office toy for 2017”.

So, what are fidget spinners and why the sudden popularity for a seemingly simple toy?

Well that’s just it – the fidget spinner is a simple toy; a handheld device that spins when you hold the centre in-between your fingertips. It’s also super fun…and addictive! Many have found that it is relaxing, soothing, and even acts as a stress relief. This explains why they have become such a popular office toy.

You’ll see the fidget spinner in schools, offices, with people on-the-go, at home…so why not put your logo on it for one of the must have promotional gifts of 2017.

At AMT Marketing we have a range of brightly coloured fidget spinners that you can brand with your logo to create the perfect gift for your workforce, clients, and potential customers. The fidget spinners are ideal for using as promotional giveaways. Contact our sales team for more information and to personalise your fidget spinner today!