Eco Friendly

sprout pencil feature

Looking for the Ultimate Eco Pencil?! Introducing the Sprout!

If you thought that a pencil could only ever be JUST a pencil, then you have never seen Sprout! The Sprout Pencil is a great way of introducing Eco-items into your promo...

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goals this month

Veganuary, Dry January…How New Years Resolutions Influence your Marketing Campaign?

Every year we here of the new ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. While Fitness and healthy eating are always a recurring theme, this year Veganuary and Dry Janua...

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The Last Straw Marine Life 640


It’s almost time for Freshers Week and great time for promotions, now is the time to take the no plastic pledge into consideration!! We are currently in amongst a gener...

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Looking for an endlessly reusable notebook? Look no further than the Rocketbook.

If you still like the classic experience of writing on paper but need to make a step into the digital age, then this product is the best of both worlds. This notebook giv...

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Bio-plastics Series, vol 1

These next few weeks I am on a soul sourcing mission to bring you the best in renewable, sustainable and biodegradable products. Biodegradable plastics made from traditio...

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