Get Back Into The Health And Fitness Lifestyle


So it’s summer, you’re relaxed…and you’ve over indulged. We are all guilty of letting go of healthy eating plans and fitness regimes once the ice creams are on offer, and the sun loungers are beckoning.

But it’s time for a health and fitness kick, and that goes for the business too. Why not show everyone how serious you are about fitness? And brand the perfect products with your logo to promote your company.

Our Fit Brace cleverly takes note of your daily activities, like distance and calories burned. It also syncs to your smartphone! Great for getting back on track with your fitness. And you’ll be needing a protein boost to make that step count high; so why not brand the 750ml Protein Shaker to encourage a healthier lifestyle.




For those mornings when you’re feeling sluggish, a healthy breakfast makes all the difference. That’s why the Yo-To-Go Mug is perfect for customising with your logo, with a compartment for yoghurt and container for fruit or muesli it’s ideal for gyms and sports events.




Lastly, for when you’re on the go and in a hurry, there’s our Tutti Frutti Bottle With Infuser. Simply pop in the fruit of your choice and enjoy delicious flavoured water throughout the day.


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With all our great products, there’s no excuse not to stay on your health and fitness journey…until Christmas time that is.