AMT can offer a wide range of promotional printed clocks from alarm to desk clocks which can be branded with a company logo. We can design and create custom clocks, printed to display your company brand and personalised to suit your needs. If you're in need of a desk clock, either for the office or working from home take a look at the Prodigy Clock, not only does it display all the daily information you would need, including the temperature day and date, it’s also a handy pen pot! Brand with your company logo.

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Bendy Clock

From £3.38
Bendy Clock

Branded Pen Pot Clock

From £6.35
Pen Pot Featuring a Clock with Date, Alarm and Thermometer.

Droppy Clock

From £13.82
Water powered LCD desk clock

Prodigy clock

From £5.22
Penholder with calendar alarm clock and thermometer. 1 cell battery included

Sky Clock

From £7.75
Personalised weather station with blue LCD display.

Wireless Charging Clock

From £11.78
Wireless Charging Clock

Rectangular Wall Clock

From £7.49
Rectangular Wall Clock

Bamboo Weather Station

From £8.89
Bamboo Weather Station.

Wall Clock

From £8.68
Wall Clock

Large Round Wall Clock

From £14.48
Large Round Wall Clock

Bamboo Clock & Pen Holder

From £12.48
Bamboo Clock & Pen Holder

Weather Station

From £7.34
Weather Station and Clock

LED Display Alarm Clock and Wireless Charger

From £17.65
LED Display Alarm Clock and Wireless Charger

Time keeping is essential!

Time is ticking on for you to buy a promotional clock for your office! Fill your employees’ desks with a variety of brandable clocks that will brighten up their desks and stopwatch the workplace.

Clocks have been around since the Ancient Egyptian times, with methods such as sundials and shadow clocks used to help control our Circadian Rhythms and maintain healthy bodily functions throughout the day. Your office needs some form of time-keeping device to help things run smoothly, so why not try one of our branded clocks to help you keep your workplace properly on time.

Our flawlessly ticking range at AMT

The Prodigy clock from £3.78 will hold your pens, set alarms and act as a thermometer as well as tell you the time, and our Snail Clock will become your new favourite travel buddy with its cute case and analogue face. The Sky Clock is the only weather app you’ll need from now, and the blue LCD display will make a much more colourful desktop addition than your regular clock.

Our Droppy Clock is the perfect renewable energy time teller for your office, and you can even recycle it when you’re finished, so make sure you have that green in your office if the view outside isn’t doing it!

Want a flexible clock to sharpen up punctuality at your office? Try the Bendy Clock from £3.18, the perfect little printed figure to bring joy to your day and to your very off-kilter clients.

Keep your life punctual and branded

Clocks are an essential to make your office day go faster, so buy a promotional clock from AMT today!