Promotional Rulers provide a generous branding area on a very useful item. We can offer branded rulers in a range of sizes, some of our promotional rulers can even be printed in full colour. AMT can supply all different types of personalised rulers, from customised architects' rulers to printed flexible rulers and everything in between. Contact us now for more information on the different types of Promotional Rulers we can offer. 

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6 Inch 15cm Ruler

From £0.38
6 Inch 15cm Ruler

Aluminium Triangular Ruler

From £3.50
Triangular Metal Ruler

Ellison 12 Inch 30cm Insert Ruler

From £1.12
30cm Plastic Insert Ruler

Ellison 6 Inch 15cm Insert Ruler

From £0.77
15cm Plastic Insert Ruler

Fibreglass Folding Ruler

From £2.82
Folding Ruler

Renzo 12 Inch 30cm Ruler

From £0.51
12" Plastic Ruler

Twelve inch ruler

From £0.98
12" Plastic Ruler

6 Inch Promotional ruler

From £0.26
6"/15cm screenprinted ruler with a bevelled edge. Great value for money. Ideal for schools...

Architects Ruler 300mm

From £1.30
Scale Ruler

Architects Scale Ruler

Professional oval shaped architects ruler, perfect for the building trade.

Calculator ruler

From £2.18
Calculator ruler

Foldable Ruler

From £2.01
ABS Plastic Ruler

Pen Ruler

20cm ruler with four pens

Puzzle Ruler

From £0.78
Sliding Puzzle Ruler

Recycled 30cm Ruler

From £0.79
30cm ruler made from recycled UK sourced plastic.

Recycled Flexi Ruler

From £0.39
Recycled Flexi Ruler

Ruler Sticky Note

From £0.85
160x40mm 50 sheets of white paper ...

Ruler with Magnifier

From £0.48
Ruler with Magnifier

Sustainable Wooden ruler

From £0.93
Sustainable Wooden ruler

UK Made Recycled Ruler

From £0.50
UK Made Recycled Ruler