AMT offer a wide range of items for any sporting event. Whether it is football, tennis or even tobogganing, we can find a product to suit your requirements! We have an extensive range of golf items, branded footballs and rugby balls and we can even supply the sports kits as well as sports bottles, towels, stopwatches, bang bang sticks and engraved awards.

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Jogger Sports Bottle

From £1.36
Personalised jogger bottle

Sports Bottles

Price on request
Sports Bottles

Kiuno Waterproof Waist Bag

From £4.43
Waist bag in lycra

Ranstrong Adjustable Waist Band

From £4.20
Ranstrong adjustable waist band. Lightweight adjustable waist band with zipped closure


From £1.77
Lycra wristband

Running Arm Band

From £3.00
Mobile Phone Arm Band

Squat Wrist Band

From £1.65
Squat Wrist Band

Bespoke Footballs

Price on request
Branded Bespoke Footballs

6 Ball Jeu De Boules Set

From £14.30
6 ball jeu-de-boules set. 3x2 metal pétanque balls, a wooden jack and measurer in storage pouch.

3 Ball Jeu De Boules Set

From £8.73
3 ball jeu-de-boules set. Jeu-de-boules ball set with 3 metal balls, wooden jack and a storage pouch.

Table Tennis Balls

From £0.60
Printed Table Tennis Balls

Boot Bag

From £2.37
Boot Bag

Drye Towel

From £4.40
Sport towel in nylon pouch

Gym Gloves

From £2.72
Gym Gloves

Kit Bag

From £5.34
Kit Bag

Mink Towel

From £2.25
Fitness towel in mesh pouch

Premium Nylon Drawstring Rucksack

From £0.99
Ideal bag for exhibition give aways available in many colours: Beige, Yellow, Or..

Space Hopper

From £3.96
Space Hopper

Usain LED Shoe Light

From £3.33
Usain LED Shoe Light