Custom Beanies

When the cold weather arrives, most people reach for their hats. Custom Beanies, embroidered with your company logo, are always a well-received gift. Whether that be for your employees or for customers. Custom Beanies help to keep your customers warm when they need it most, and your logo will be right there to remind them of just how amazing your company is!
Looking for winter promotional ideas? Custom Beanies could be your answer. A product designed for use outdoors meaning plenty of people will be seeing your company logo. Perfect for construction companies, Custom Beanies are not only a way to help keep your employees warm during winter but also a convenient way to advertise your company whilst your staff are out and about.
Why not make it a set? Really impress your customers and staff by adding in a pair of promotional gloves and a branded scarf.

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Fair Isle Snowstar Beanie

From £3.38
Beechfield Fair Isle Snowstar Beanie

HDI quest knitted hat

From £2.50
Result Winter HDI quest knitted hat

Heavyweight Thinsulate Hat

From £2.95
Result Winter Heavyweight Thinsulate Hat

Knitted Turn-Up Beanie

From £1.70
Nutshell Knitted turn-up beanie

National Beanie

From £1.65
Result Winter National Beanie

Teamwear Beanie

From £2.05
Beechfield Teamwear Beanie

Woolly Ski Hat

From £1.50
Promotional Result Winter Woolly Ski Hat

Beechfield Winterfleece Ski Hat

From £2.25
Fabric: 100% polyester anti pilling winterfleece.