Why Branded Eco Products?

Explore our vast collection of promotional eco products, where style meets sustainability. From cutting-edge solar-powered tech to eco-friendly clothing, bags, lanyards, and drinkware, we've got your brand covered in green innovation.

The global demand for eco-friendly products is on the rise, with an annual growth rate of 3.1% that doesn’t look like it is stopping any time soon!

Make your brand a beacon of environmental responsibility by choosing our eco-conscious items that not only elevate your promotional efforts but also contribute to a healthier planet. Join us in the journey towards sustainability!

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Creating a talking point!

Opting for eco-friendly promotional gifts not only aligns your brand with responsible business practices but also resonates with the growing eco-conscious consumer base. By selecting items made from sustainable materials, you contribute to reducing the environmental impact of traditional manufacturing processes. These gifts often have a longer lifespan, enhancing the longevity of your brand message and fostering a positive image among customers and partners.

It's more than a gift; it's a meaningful step towards a greener, healthier planet, showcasing your dedication to both your recipients and the world we share. Make your promotional efforts count!

Get In Contact

With so many ways in which products can be considered eco-friendly it is easy to get over whelmed with the options. From biodegradable and recyclable items, to products made from recycled or organic materials. This is where we come in. Our sales team are experts in finding the right product for our clients; just get in contact with us, tell us your requirements, and let us do the rest. We can send over ideas lists full of products suitable for your budget, event type and lead-time. Our in-house graphics team are always available for complimentary visuals too, so you can get a really good idea of what your finished product might look like.

We are very proud to have partnered with Ecologi, an environmental organisation which allows businesses and individuals to contribute to tree planting and carbon reduction projects around the world.

Through this we have created a Climate Positive Workforce. We contribute to these projects on a monthly basis, allowing us to offset every team member’s carbon footprint. Ecologi calculate our contribution based on the miles we drive and the distances we fly, so that our carbon footprints are being offset from both our working and personal lives

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Eco Drink & Confectionary

Our Eco Drink & Confectionary range blends sustainability with some of the most popular promotions in the business. We offer a vast array of eco confectionary merchandise from jelly beans and chocolate to mints and sweets. Our eco drinkware is always sustainable and made from recycled plastics or other materials. Our reusable coffee cups are a great promotional gift and can sometimes even save you money at cafes.

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Eco Giveaways

Embrace sustainability with our promotional eco giveaways – a thoughtful and eco-conscious way to promote your brand. From recycled paper and pads to eco-friendly pens and pencils, our collection combines functionality with a commitment to the planet. Wear your eco-values with pride with our recycled lanyards, and spread the green love by gifting seeds that blossom into a lasting reminder of your brand's eco-friendly ethos. Elevate your giveaways with a touch of green charm – because small gestures can make a big impact.

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Eco Tech

Immerse yourself in the harmony of technology and sustainability with our promotional eco tech. From Eco Earphones & Headphones to Wireless Charging Cables, each piece is a testament to a greener tomorrow without compromising on innovation. Amplify your brand presence with eco-conscious Speakers, stay charged on the go with Power banks that embrace sustainability, and harness the power of the sun with our Solar Power solutions. Because in the world of tech, being eco-friendly is the new standard.

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Eco Themes

Embrace eco-conscious choices with our curated collection of promotional items featuring sustainable themes. Choose from biodegradable Items for a greener end of life, environmental Items that reflect your commitment to the planet, or recycled Items that give materials a second chance. Opt for reusable Items to reduce waste and Made in the UK products to support local sustainability.

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