Protein Shakers

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Protein Shakers

Promotional protein shakers are growing ever popular within the sports world and health community. With large branding areas, these customised protein shakers are the perfect giveaway item. Branded protein shakers make the perfect sports gift, with budget protein shakers like the Shaker 500cc to luxury versions like our Deluxe Protein Shaker. You are sure to find the perfect personalised protein shaker to reflect your brand style best.
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Disposable PET Smoothie Tumbler

From £0.24

Shaker 500CC Protein Shaker

From £2.02

Shaker 700ml

From £2.05

Shakermate 700ml Shaker Bottle

From £2.31

Active Shaker Bottle

From £3.51

Shaker Drink Cup

From £4.05

H2O Active Pulse shaker bottle

From £3.68


From £3.65

Protein shaker (700ml)

From £4.15