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Eco Tech

Immerse yourself in the harmony of technology and sustainability with our promotional eco tech. From Eco Earphones & Headphones to Wireless Charging Cables, each piece is a testament to a greener tomorrow without compromising on innovation. Amplify your brand presence with eco-conscious Speakers, stay charged on the go with Power banks that embrace sustainability, and harness the power of the sun with our Solar Power solutions. Because in the world of tech, being eco-friendly is the new standard.
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Bamboo Weather Station

From £8.89

RCS Recycled Plastic Powerbank

From £18.96

Riff wheat straw Bluetooth headphones

From £14.76

Shae Bluetooth Speaker

From £36.43

Solar Power Torch Keyring

From £6.85

Wireless Charging Desk Organizer

From £14.85

10W Wireless bamboo charging pad

From £19.83

Bamboo power bank 20,000 mAh

From £38.66

Green Thumb Flower Pot Speaker

From £16.05

Oregon RCS recycled plastic and cork TWS earbuds

From £20.45

Solarflat Power Bank

From £14.62

8000 mAh light-up solar powerbank

From £52.73