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Eco Confectionery

Promotional Eco Confectionery is a versatile branded product that can be used for Giveaways and mailouts, either on there own or as part of a larger pack. We supply a wide range of confectionery including Jellybeans, Skittles and Millions in a wide range of Eco Packaging. Our Eco Sweet Pots are Certified Compostable, which means that they can be chucked away with the rest of your food waste and will compost in under 12 weeks! The Promotional Eco Sweet Pots are available in three sizes, Mini, Midi and Maxi and can be branded with your company logo or design in a vibrant, full colour digital print. If you’re in need of a branded seasonal gift, our brand-new Eco Advent Calendar is perfect! The Promotional Eco-Friendly Advent Calendar is filled with 24 Chocolate treats, deliciously decorated in silver and gold foil. This Branded Advent is completely, 100% plastic free and can be composted/recycled after use!
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Midi Eco Pots - Chocolate Footballs

From £1.85

Mini Eco Pot - Chocolate Beanies

From £0.80

Mini Eco Pot - Jolly Beans

From £0.80

Eco Friendly Box of Jolly Beans

From £2.40

Eco London Bus Box

From £4.20

Popcorn Box

From £2.81

Biodegradable Snack Cup

From £2.75

Eco Cracker Box - Quality Street

From £3.15

Eco Maxi Pot - Jelly Bean Factory®

From £2.02

Large Eco Matchbox - Milk Chocolate Bones

From £2.70

Eco Treat Box - Milk Chocolate Frogs

From £2.46

Eco Handle Box - Quality Street

From £6.77