Eco Wireless & Charging Cables

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Eco Wireless & Charging Cables

Discover AMT's eco-friendly charging solutions. From wheat straw to cork, bamboo to recycled plastics, power up sustainably. Our eco-friendly wireless chargers, multichargers, and cables are crafted from wheat straw, cork, bamboo, RPET, and recycled plastic. Attract eco-conscious consumers to your brand with these sustainable products.
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Wireless Charging Desk Organizer

From £14.85

10W Wireless bamboo charging pad

From £19.83

Swiss Peak wireless charging mousepad

From £17.87

RPET Wireless Phone Stand

From £26.71

Ontario RCS Recycled Plastic 10W Wireless Charger

From £21.68

Foldable Wireless Charger

From £13.60

Bamboo Wireless Power Bank

From £28.18

C36 3-in-1 rPET light-up logo extended charging cable

From £14.48

C37 5-in-1 rPET light-up logo charging cable

From £15.46

C38 5-in-1 rPET light-up logo charging cable

From £15.46

C45 5-in-1 rPET charging cable with data transfer

From £14.85

Nago Wireless Charger

From £20.05