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Eco Packaging Sweets

Discover our delightful range of Eco-Friendly Packaged Sweets, perfect for promotions, events, and thoughtful gifts. Our sweets are carefully packaged in sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable materials, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint while delivering maximum flavor. Choose from a variety of treats, including Vegan Kalfany Bears, Jelly Beans, Chocolate Beanies, and Skittles. Personalise the packaging with full-color artwork featuring your logo, slogan, or unique design using eco-conscious printing techniques that ensure vibrant colors and sharp details. Ideal for corporate events, trade shows, and eco-conscious giveaways, these sweets provide a delicious and responsible way to promote your brand. Explore our collection today and treat your audience to a sweet experience that aligns with your commitment to sustainability.
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Eco Friendly Sweet Stacking Pot

From £5.59

Eco London Bus Box

From £4.20

Mini Eco Pot - Skittles

From £0.89

Eco Friendly Fizzy Cola Sweets

From £0.72

Eco Friendly Skittles Tube

From £3.22

Biodegradable Snack Cup

From £2.75

Eco Cracker Box - Quality Street

From £3.15

White Chocolate Truffle Skull

From £1.60

Pride Eco Tube

From £2.16

Pride Eco Jelly Beans Pouch

From £2.05

Pride Chocolate Beanies

From £2.05

Eco Jelly Bean Bag 20g

From £1.14