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Freshers Giveaways

Ah, the exhilarating whirlwind that is Freshers' Week – that pivotal moment in every student's life when they step onto campus with both excitement and uncertainty. It's a time to forge new friendships, explore clubs and societies, and most importantly, snag those fantastic promotional giveaways that seem to be everywhere during this lively week. But why all the hype about freebies? Freshers' Week is essentially a grand welcome party for new students, and what better way to make them feel at home than by showering them with goodies? Promotional giveaways create an instant sense of camaraderie and belonging. When you're handed a branded tote bag or a snazzy water bottle, it's like joining an exclusive club of fellow students, all united by a common experience.
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Drawstring Zip Bag

Price On Request

Ball Net

From £2.24

Maxi Round Pot With Chocolate Footballs

From £1.72

Nail File

From £0.27

Glass Nail File

From £0.35

Kyo Bottle Opener

Price On Request

Drawstring Bag

Price On Request

1000cc Olympic Sports Drink Bottle

From £1.56

Glow Laces

From £3.76

Key Holder with Torch

From £1.50

Magnetic Words

From £0.47

Maxi Retro Tub

From £1.27