Wireless Chargers

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Wireless Chargers

Promotional Wireless Chargers, an exciting new range, perfect branded with a logo for exclusive promotions or as a personalised gift to valued clients. Ideal for on-the-go customers who need an easy customised solution to charge their smartphones.
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Bolt fast charge wireless charger

From £17.04

Smart Wireless Pad Mini

From £5.53

Wireless Charger Pad

From £4.15

Smart Wireless Pad

From £8.61

RCS Recycled Plastic Powerbank

From £18.96

Wireless Charging Desk Organizer

From £14.85

10W Wireless bamboo charging pad

From £19.83

Swiss Peak wireless charging mousepad

From £17.87

RPET Wireless Phone Stand

From £26.71

Ontario RCS Recycled Plastic 10W Wireless Charger

From £21.68

Foldable Wireless Charger

From £13.60

Bamboo Wireless Power Bank

From £28.18