AMT Eco!

At AMT we pride ourselves on being able to offer you a wide range of promotional merchandise to suit your organisation. For a long time, AMT has tried to offer Eco-friendly alternatives to our favourite products, but we wanted to make life a little easier! Now, if you’re looking for Promotional Gifts that are more environmentally friendly you can visit the dedicated section on our website!

To take a look on the Brand New dedicated section you can follow this quick and easy link: Already on the AMT website? Use the ‘Eco Products’ category in the header or follow the Eco Banner conveniently placed on the homepage.

Once you’re on the site it couldn’t be easier, you can use the category section on the left-hand side of the page to narrow down all the Eco promotional items.

So that you know exactly what makes each product eco-friendly, we have also included a key on each product! Whether you’re looking for a Reusable coffee cup, a Lanyard made in the UK with Low air miles, or anything in between, we’ve tried to make it as clear as possible. As always, our friendly sales team are always on hand to answer any other questions you might have, so please do call, email, send a quick quote request or even talk to us on our online chat!