Are Webcam Covers vital for personal security?

If you are concerned about your security online, then you have good reason to be. The internet is forever growing and frustratingly we can’t always control where our information ends up. However, there is one aspect of your computer security you can regulate – who you engage with on your devices webcam.

Every day we are actively using our webcams to video call for work, to ‘facetime’ with a friend or to catch up with long distance relatives. But did you know, even when you are not using your webcam someone could still be watching your every move. That’s a scary thought. Which is why clever little devices like Webcam Covers have grown ever popular, in a constantly growing digital age.

Webcam covers make great giveaway ideas as they’re something people don’t realise they need until they have it, and then will they use it constantly! We have a range of screen covers so you can find the best one for your company, our Webcam Cover With Screen Cleaner is a great 2-in-1 gift, this slots in front of the webcam.


Webcam Cover Colours



Looking for a webcam cover you can slide across your webcam without damaging the screen? Then look no further than our Sliding Webcam Cover, simply attach the back to the screen and slide open and close when needed. This can be branded on the cover itself as well as the backing card.




For something more sleek why not brand the Peep Webcam Cover, a simple design that is small enough to be installed on phones as well as tablets and laptops. Brand up to full colour on the backing card.


Online security is more important than ever, so ensure your clients personal safety and privacy with a branded webcam cover. Contact our friendly sales team today to create your customised cover.