Back to School!

It’s almost time for pupils of all ages to start the school year. Gone are the long lie-in’s and muttering of children being bored as pupils far and wide, prepare to get back into the new routine.

Whether it’s reception or first year university students, everyone can benefit from academic promotional items.

We know that different types of schools will look for different promotional items. A private independent school may be looking for items such as jute bags, colouring sets and notebooks to give away at their open days whilst universities will be looking for keyrings and tea towels to give away during Fresher’s week. Each year around 700K students begin their University journey, often living away from home for the first time so useful items are often attractive as they will create a lasting impression. Tech products are also very popular for all ages with USB’s, Charging cables, and Power banks being some of the most popular.

So, don’t delay and get your name associated with academic institutions today – the exposure is huge and I am sure you will reap the benefits!