A new age of digital bank robbers

There is a total of 108.4m contactless cards in issue in the UK. These cards are split between debit (72.6m) and credit cards (35.8m). Concerns that criminals are taking wireless readers into busy crowds to charge people’s contactless cards with bogus payments while they are still in their handbags and pockets. We source a range of products available to insulate from a certain brand of pick-pocketing called ‘data skimming’. Using RFID technology, the radio frequency identification chip found in debit cards, passports and drivers licenses can be free-for-all by anyone who’s easily purchased a card reader. Criminal entrepreneurs have reached a new digital age that benefits from ever-growing technology advances and intractability.

Protect your customers with a contactless card protector, it slots into any wallet, phone holder or bag non-intrusively.

Edge to edge maximum branding area for your logo on a valuable promotional tool, which will stand the longevity as much as any well-worn wallet.