Face Masks: How Can Your Face Masks Be Branded?!

Ordering Face Masks is a new phenomenon to most of us. Up until just a few months ago it’s likely that many of us had never even uttered the word, so it’s understandable that you may have a few questions both about the Face Masks themselves and about how they can be branded.

Spot or Screen Printing

Promotional Pleated Non-Surgical Face Mask

While many of our Face Coverings can be printed with a full colour design, some cannot. The Pleated Non-surgical face mask is a great example. This Face mask has proven to be one of the most popular masks from our selection. They are comfortable to wear and with a wire across the bridge of the nose, they are a great option for glasses wearers. While they can’t be printed full colour, the finish that can be achieved is smart and professional. You also have the option to print these to 2 position, great if you would like both your logo and company name.

A Little Something Extra!

If you want to incorporate your full colour logo, but you really want to go for the Promotional Pleated Non-surgical mask, why not ask us about our Promotional Face Mask Straps?! They have double ended lobster clasps which you can clip to each side of the mask and carry round your neck when you’re not using it! They’re even made in the UK!

Full colour Printing

Full colour printing is available on a number of our masks. This option gives you a lot of scope for design, whether you have a full colour logo or you want to incorporate a fun full colour design these masks are a great option.

Promotional Premier 3ply Face Mask

The promotional premier 3ply face mask can be designed with a full colour print. These masks are comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. Just like the pleated mask they have a nose wire, much appreciated by glasses wearers, they also have the adjustable loops on the straps so you can get the best fit! These masks are a great option if you’re looking for a vibrant design and while we may not be able to achieve an exact pantone match, we can get them as close as possible to your brand colours!

Promotional 1 Layer Comfortable Face Mask

The promotional 1 layer comfortable face mask can also be branded full colour. This face mask is a great one if your looking for a budget friendly option! Brand with a digital print from as little as 100 units!

Tips from the graphic designer…

It is possible to include fine detail on many of our masks, however bare in mind when you’re planning your design with us that it’s likely people will be standing 1 or 2 meters away from you! So if it’s a detail that can only be seen very close up then maybe focus on other aspects of the design that you want to stand out!

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