How to wear your Face Covering safely, hints & tips!

Since we’ve been adjusting to wearing face coverings more and more outside,we’ve been seeking out resources to help us do it safely!

The first step is to decide on the best option for you, at AMT we can supply a whole variety of promotional face coverings from Branded Snoods to Disposable face masks. Each option has their own properties that may make them suited to your needs. To find out more why not have a look at our last blog post?! We go through each mask and explain their benefits.

Reusable Face Covers

If you’ve chosen a reusable mask then make sure you wash them after each use, these can go in with your regular laundry, they don’t need to go in on their own. It’s recommended that they are tumble dried,however if this isn’t possible then air dry them flat and in direct sunlight.

Disposable Face Covers

If you’ve opted for disposable masks then these need to be thrown away with your general waste after each use or when they’re wet.

General Rules

Leave the mask on while talking to others

Make sure the Mask fits appropriately and isn’t too loose

Don’t wear your cover around your chin

Avoid touching the mask while wearing it

Don’t use a wet or damaged mask

We take our advice from;

Top tip for glasses wearers!

rest your glasses on top of the face mask and seal the top gap with surgical tape to stop your glasses from steaming up! For more tips follow the link;

glasses wearers


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