Introducing our Promotional Product of the Week… The Snood!

As business’s around the country start to plan for the safe return of employees back to work, we at AMT  have been looking for promotional products that can assist the transition, without removing valuable PPE from the key workers who need it most. We are proud to Introduce the Snood!



The Snood is a fantastic tool for outdoor exercise, particularly running and cycling where it can protect from cold wind and insects! However, the Snood can also be utilised as a face covering!

Face Coverings won’t shield you from the Virus, however they are a very useful tool when in unavoidable crowded situations. Public Transport or entering a food shop (where the 2 meter distancing rule is not possible) are 2 examples given where face coverings are advised. Slowly, as our services begin to reopen this is a reality that many of us will face!

The Snood is a lightweight and comfortable promotional product that covers both the mouth and nose, which could help reduce transmission amongst asymptotic members of the public in those unavoidable crowds! It’s also a physical reminder that can discourage you from touching your face throughout the day.

The Custom Branded Snood can easily be washed at home, this is advised after every use. For more information on how to correctly use your snood when outside  follow the link below!


The Snood can be printed with your corporate logo and has a fantastic branding area! We even have a Graphic Design department onsite who can help bring your creative ideas to life!

Get in touch with us today to find out more about the promotional snood and other ways that AMT can help assist with the back to work transition!