Looking for an endlessly reusable notebook? Look no further than the Rocketbook.

If you still like the classic experience of writing on paper but need to make a step into the digital age, then this product is the best of both worlds.

This notebook gives you the ability to write on ‘space age paper’ with any Pilot Frixon ballpen – the ink sticks as if you were writing on a normal piece of paper. Then add a drop of water and the notebook erases like magic!

Connect to all your favourite cloud services and gives you the ability to upload and store your notes.

If you are at school, in the office or on the go this is an ideal notebook. It does not require any batteries which means you can achieve boundless productivity no matter where you go!

You can store your content to any of eight home-friendly and work-friendly apps and organise different areas of your life in a single, central place.

Contact our sales team today to make the Rocketbook part of your life – A reusable product with endless possibilities. Finally, a notebook of the future to create the future.

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