It’s almost time for Freshers Week and great time for promotions, now is the time to take the no plastic pledge into consideration!!

We are currently in amongst a generation of students creating a future to save the planet – however this doesn’t mean promotions should be forgotten about. There is plenty of items that can be branded that are eco-friendly!

The NUS are running ‘The Last Straw’ campaign which is designed to help stop single use plastic mainly aiming at straws in bars & restaurants – why not think of a reusable straw to help promote this campaign? AMT offer a range from bamboo to stainless steel to silicone straws that are all reusable.

Another popular campaign across universities is to stop the use of disposable coffee cups. In the UK we use 7 million disposable coffee cups everyday! We could reduce this figure dramatically by making the swap to a reusable cup. Providing your freshers with a branded reusable cup could be a step in the right direction.

branded-eco-reusable-silicon-straw-green reusable-bamboo-straw-set reusable-metal-straw