Promotional Face Masks: The Full Colour Designed Branded Face Coverings

If you need promotional merchandise with a full colour print or custom design, our collection of Full colour printed Face Masks would be a great addition. We have a number of different styles, from pleated to snoods depending on what you’re looking for.

The Promotional Snood

This promotional face mask is available in a few variations now; The Promotional Antibacterial Snood, the classic running snood and the Promotional Bumpaa Antiviral Snood.

The Promotional Antibacterial Snood is coated in an antibacterial Snood has an antibacterial coating and provides UV Protection. A great option if you’re looking for a multifunctional product.

The Classic promotional Running Snood is just as popular as ever, brand this with your full colour design! If you need some design assistance, let us know! We have an onsite Graphic Design Team ready to help you out! We even have a promotional children’s snood for anyone looking for smaller sizes!

The Promotional Bumpaa Antiviral Snood is a lightweight face covering that has been treated with Viraloff antibacterial and antiviral technology. This Breathable Bumpaa Snood is comfortable to wear and can be personalised with your company logo.

The Promotional 2 Ply Face Covering

The promotional 2 ply face covering is another great option! This Mask is comfortable to wear and machine washable after every use! Of course these can be branded with your full colour design!

The promotional Face Mask has an additional pocket so you can add your own filter.

Promotional 1 Layer Comfortable Face Mask

The promotional 1 layer comfortable face mask is exactly as described… Comfortable! If you, your customers or your colleagues have struggled with uncomfortable face masks then this is a great option. Of course if you want to try them before your order contact us for a sample!

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