Refresh your merchandise: New Promotional Products for a New Year!

After a tough year, you may be considering shaking up your promotional campaign. Why not consider some of our new exciting products for 2021?!

Branded Face Masks and Face Coverings are a staple, we have got to know these well over the past few months and have narrowed down our favourites. Check out our previous posts if you’re not sure which ones to go for.


If you’re looking to adjust your promotional merchandise for the new normal, then packs are a great place to start. The great thing about pack’s is that they can be customised to your needs, if you have staff still Working From Home then why not aim packs towards them, from stationery and desktop items to motivational pick-me-ups, there’s plenty to choose from. The items below, are just some of the items that you could include in a mailout pack, we would even handle the distribution for you!

‘Adjust your promotional merchandise for the new normal”

WFH Pack Inspiration…

Bluetooth Earphones

These are GREAT! Zoom, presentations, Zoom Meetings and Zoom calls are a fact of our lives. Use the Bluetooth earphones to talk to your colleagues and customers properly and without distraction. Brand with your logo for a personal finish.

Desktop Essentials

Mousemats, notebooks, Pens, Pencils- not only are they essentials,they are also also a great size for sending out in the post! Ask us for an ideas list if you need a more tailored selection.

12 baton chocolate bar

if it’s a pick-me-up that you want send, chocolate is always a great option. If you’re after a healthier option, we also have a range of granola bars.

Home Comforts… 

Let’s face it when we’re working from home we want to be comfortable,treat your staff and customers to promotional hoodies and sweatshirts! If you’re going to wear one, why not make it branded?! The promotional take a break pack encourages staff to step away from the screen, included in the branded pack is a mini shortbread biscuit, coffee sachet, tea bag and sugar sachet, everything you need for 15 minutes off, you could even send these out to staff and arrange a zoom coffee morning!

New Year New Me?!

Health, Fitness and new Hobbies

All these are classic new year’s resolutions… No matter how long they last. Why not offer Promotional Merchandise to motivate and encourage in the new year.

Walking and running are two things that we are allowed to do. The benefits of walking, even for just 10 minutes a day are numerous, the NHS website has some great information on how and why walking could work for you! As many of us are going to be doing these things on our own, a running armband is a great idea! listen to music and wind down from the day.

Want to step this up a notch- why not put together a walking or running kit?! This could include fitness clothing, drinking bottles, fitness trackers and even workout equipment!

The promotional Desktop Garden- a great option for relaxation, whether you live in the countryside or in the city centre, this is a promotional product that can be enjoyed by everyone. Choose from a range of plant selections including; cottage garden, mixed herbs, sunflower or christmas tree!

New Products You May Not Know About…

These are products that we love, that you may not have heard about! We’re always looking for new and exciting products to shows our customers and every now and again there’s a product that really stands out as being unique and different!

Building blocks & Models

If you love the idea of creating your own kit of building blocks that represents your brand, then you’ll love Brixies!

Promotional Rocketbook Everlast Executive

The rocket book provides a classic paper to pen experience, so if you look a traditional notebook with a unique reusable twist- The Rocketbook is the product for you! This is available in three different sizes. Use the Rocketbook app to connect to all of your favourite cloud services. Use the Pilot Frixon Pen to write on the notebook as normal, then when you’ve finished a drop of water wipes it all away-see, endlessly reusable!

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