The new pound coin is on its way!


In case you haven’t heard – the new £1 coin is arriving! On the 28th March it will begin circulation and by October it will be the only pound coin you need.

So, why are we changing the beloved £1 coin we’ve used for over 30 years? Well, unfortunately the coin was easily imitated – with an estimated 1 in 30 being a fake. The new coin has several advanced features that will make it a lot harder to counterfeit.

These new features include:

  • Ridged edges on alternate sides
  • A hologram that changes from a pound symbol to the number “1” when moved from side to side
  • Made of two metals; a gold coloured ring on the outside, then a silver coloured ring on the inside
  • Lastly, it will have 12 sides making it more recognisable

Because of the arrival of this new coin, we must now make some changes. Some businesses need to change their equipment, some people need to turn in their piggy bank coins, and some of us will need to adjust simple things like our handy trolley keyrings.

Fortunately, at AMT Marketing we are here to help. We have personalised trolley keyrings for the “old” pound coin to help you during transition from old to new (where some places like supermarkets may take time to update their trolleys with the new coin). From thereon we have brand new personalised coin keyrings, so you can give a thoughtful customised gift that’s one step ahead of the change.