Veganuary, Dry January…How New Years Resolutions Influence your Marketing Campaign?

Every year we here of the new ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. While Fitness and healthy eating are always a recurring theme, this year Veganuary and Dry January are perhaps the most talked about personal goals.


While we may not all prescribe to these resolutions, it’s safe to say that they will have an influential affect on your customer base.

We are already seeing a lot of our current customers requesting ‘Eco-alternatives’ to their normal promotional picks. For this, we have introduced our new eco-website, ideal for people who want to narrow down their search. You’ll find Eco lanyards, pens, tech, clothing and so much more.


Do you prefer promotional confectionery to treat your prospective and current customers?! Why not go for a protein or granola bar, still the perfect exhibition pick me up-without any need to break your personal resolutions!

If a Healthy and Fit new year is the theme you’re going for, we have a whole category on our website dedicated to this! From sports bottles to smart watches, you’ll find something to fit your need and budget!


For anything at all you can’t find, call, email or talk to us on your online chat and we’ll help you find the perfect promo product!