Why Pet Items are the Promotional Product You Didn’t Know You Needed!

We all love our pets like they’re one of the family!

In the UK It’s estimated that around 50% of Adults own either a cat or a dog, that’s 50% of the country going home at the end of the day to dote on their furry friends!

At AMT we have the purrrfect selection of promotional goods to cater for the all the pet lovers out there. So, whether you’re running a country fair with a small pet show or you’re running the show at Crufts we’ll be able to source what you’re looking for!

waste-bags mykit-mini-tick-kit

Think Practical- Leads, Bowls, Waste bag Dispensers…Tick Removal Kits?! All items vital to the pet owner arsenal! All ideal products if you’re looking for a promotional product that will be used again and again by your customer!


Looking for something more fun? We can provide promotional frisbees and even dog biscuits to entertain your beloved pets!

If you’re keen to keep it Eco then we can help here too- A wheat straw waste bag dispenser with biodegradable bags, or perhaps a foldable silicone dog bowl that be used over and again!