A Promotional Bluetooth Speaker is an ideal giveaway to show off your brand! With excellent sound quality our range of branded Mini Bluetooth speakers are a giveaway that keeps on giving. Perfect for clients who travel or are on the go. Some of our printed Mini Bluetooth speakers can even be used to recharge your phone whilst listening to music!  If you are looking to impress with a full colour branding why not have a look at our Avalanche Bluetooth Speaker which has amazing sound quality with and a large branding area, definitely a promotional product that will impress.

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Aluminium Bluetooth Speaker

From £8.59
Aluminium 4.2 Bluetooth speaker with rechargeable Li-on 450mAh battery and light at the bottom of the speaker.

Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker

From £9.97
4.2 Bluetooth speaker in ABS with bamboo casing and LED light indication.

Bamboo Bluetooth Speaker with Light

From £10.65
4.2 Bluetooth speaker in ABS with bamboo casing. 1 rechargeable Li-on 450mAh battery and light at the bottom of the speaker.

Bamboo X Eco Bluetooth Speaker

From £27.57
Sustainable Bamboo And Fabric Materials

Round Bass

From £6.27
4.2 Bluetooth speaker in ABS with rubber finish and LED light indication.

Wheat speakers

From £17.45
Speakers made from sweat straw and ABS

Wheat Straw Round Bluetooth Speaker

From £6.04
Wheat Straw Round Bluetooth Speaker

Woven Fabric Bluetooth Speaker

From £18.15
Woven Fabric Bluetooth Speaker

Seneca Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

From £21.17
Seneca Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

Round White

From £9.18
2.1 Bluetooth speaker with LED light indication in ABS.

Small Bluetooth Speaker

From £7.09
Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Light-up Bluetooth® speaker

From £9.06
Light-up Bluetooth® speaker

Braiss Bluetooth Speaker

From £12.45
Braiss Bluetooth Speaker

Square Bluetooth Fabric Speaker

From £8.14
4.2 Bluetooth square speaker with fabric cover on the front and rubber finish.

Vibe wireless charging speaker

From £42.81
Vibe wireless charging speaker

Vibe wireless speaker

From £17.00
Vibe wireless speaker

Voyager Bluetooth speaker

From £25.23
Personalised bluetooth speaker

Waterproof shower speaker

From £9.57
Waterproof shower speaker

Mushroom Speaker

From £5.80
Mushroom shaped 5.0 Bluetooth speaker/phone stand in ABS with suction cup.

Dome Bluetooth speaker

From £3.08
Dome Bluetooth speaker

Branded Bluetooth Speakers and Corporate Gifting

If you're looking to acheive a good quality and reliable sound, Bluetooth speakers are a great option; the perfect size for small giveaways and mailouts and yet high quality enough to make a corporate gift more special. If you decide to give a Bluetooth speaker away as a high quality corporate gift then why not consider individual engraving or printing? This is an optional extra that we are able to offer on a number of our products and it always makes a branded gift that little bit more special .All of the Bluetooth speakers on our website can be branded with your company logo, for a professional and more custom finish. If you want to share your music with your friends, family, work colleagues or anyone else then this gift is perfect! Simply pair the custom branded Bluetooth speaker to your phone, or other device, and easily select the song or playlist that you want to listen to. Because our promotional speakers use Bluetooth to connect to your device, they can be used with either iOS or Android, so you know that whoever you decide to gift these too, they’ll be able to enjoy it!

Bamboo and Wheatstraw Bluetooth speakers

On our website, we have a wide range of different options available for you to choose from. The Bluetooth speaker options vary in style and price to suit any look or budget. If you’re giving these branded Bluetooth speakers away as part of an eco-friendly campaign, at a festival or outdoors event, the Bamboo and wheat straw options would be ideal. We have a large selection of promotional, Bluetooth, bamboo speakers that can be printed with your company logo. However, if your brand colours aren’t crucial to your brand recognitions, we recommend engraving on our bamboo Bluetooth speakers, the finish looks sleek and smart and will last as long as the lifetime of the Bluetooth speaker itself. Our Wheat straw Bluetooth speakers are a fairly new addition to our range, the casing is more eco friendly and they have the same great sound quality.

For a vibrant and colourful Bluetooth speaker that can be printed with your company logo, the Round Base is perfect, it’s available in 7 different colours, White, Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange and Red. The Round Bass is rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about battery replacement, a LED light indication, Hands free call option and even has an aux/usb cable port so you can plug the speaker into a device if you need to.