Promotional Calculators are a great desk giveaway. Our branded calculators range from pocket styles right through to scientific. They can be personalised with full colour printing or spot colour. Ideal for schools and colleges, offices or banks customised calculators are long lasting and keep your brand on display. With many choices when it comes to personalising, such as style, colour or branding options for promotional calculators.

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Bamboo Calculator

From £11.80
Solar Powered Calculator

Zack Calculator

From £4.13
10 Digit Display

Desk Calculator

From £6.04
Desk Calculator

Bamboo and ABS Calculator

From £12.17
12 digit dual power

8 Digit Aluminium Calculator

From £2.65
Dual Powered Calculator

Basics Solar Calculator

From £5.43
Basics Solar Calculator

Bamboo Wooden Case Calculator

From £6.31
Wooden Case Calculator


From £7.49
White Calculator with coloured trim

Splitz Flexible Calculator

From £2.50
Flexible Silicone

Gauss Calculator

Plastic flip cover calculator

Number Crunches are the best exercise

Calculators have been around since 1642, when the 19-year-old French mathematician Blaise Pascal invented the first mechanical calculator, and while our calculators work with microchips instead of wheels, we still think it’s always more fun to do binomial expansion with his favourite triangle over any machine.

Promotional calculators are a great addition to your employees’ desks, with a varied selection of colours and models for sale, the printing so clear it’ll have you spraining your angle!

Best desktop branding

Our bamboo calculator is solar-powered and eco-friendly, with 8 digits and a convenient size, while our credit card calculator is just perfect if you want to do some subtle maths within your wallet. The Clearal Touch Screen Calculator is chic, slim and great for your desk, and from only £2.63, you’ll be able to crunch the prices for it in your head!

Need a calculator and a note-taker? Our Smarti A6 notebook with calculator will give you just that, with a small pad of paper to jot down any accounting formulae you need. Maybe even try out our Calculator ruler from £2.18, a 2-in-1 device that will have you ploughing fields with a pro-tractor.

Start those mental workouts today

Check out our full range of calculators and you’ll find the ideal number cruncher for you.