The promotional charging cables are the branded gift that everyone needs! AMT has a wide selection on branded charging cables that are ideal for giveaways and mailouts, perfect for keeping all of your devices charged.

The USB C-Type Multifunctional Charging Cable is one of the most popular promotional charging cables on our site, brand with your company logo for a perosnal finish. They are great for keeping on you on-the-go or even in your car in case of an emergency!The USB C-Type Multifunctional Charging Cable is great for everyone as it's compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. 

Branded Charging Cables are great on their own, or as part of a larger giveaway pack.

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USB C-Type Multi Charging Cable

Price on request
Multi Cable Charger

Multifunctional USB Charging Cable

Price on request
Multi Charger Cable

Quad Block Charger

Price on request
Quad Block Charger

Bamboo Multi Charging Cable

Price on request
An extendable multi charging cable with bamboo centre

2 USB Ports Wheat Straw Wireless Charging Pad

From £4.58
2 USB Ports Wheat Straw Wireless Charging Pad

Route Light-up 3-1 charging cable

From £2.34
3-in-1 light-up charging cable with keychain

Longy 2-in-1 Charging Cable with Clip

From £0.95
Longy 2-in-1 Charging Cable with Clip

Rizo Charger Cable

From £1.89
Keyring with charging cable

Kirbud with integrated cables

From £5.98
Keyring with integrated cables

Keyring C

From £3.25
Keyring with Type C USB and micro USB


From £2.42
Hand spinner with charging cables.

Smart 2-in-1 Lanyard

From £2.70
Smart 2-in-1 Lanyard

Silicone Shell Charger

Price on request
Silicone Shell Charger

Panoflex Cable

From £5.76
Fast sync and charge data cable.

Troup 4-in-1 Type-C Cable

From £3.00
Troup 4-in-1 Charging Cable with Type-C. USB data and charging cable with 4 connectors.

Dual Charger Keyring

Price on request
Dual Charger Keyring

LED Charging Cable

From £5.62
Charging Cable with Illuminated Branding

3 in 1 Charging Cable and Wireless Charger

From £6.08
A 3 in 1 USB charger with integrated wireless charger

Speedy Charger USB Port

From £12.93
USB Charger with Qualcomm Technology

Pokkit Duo USB Charger

From £10.40
Pokkit Duo USB Charger

Charging cables are an essential part of everyday life, they’re also something that we all lose and always need! Believe it or not, when it comes to charging cables there are a lot of different options to choose from, not just in terms of styles and usage but also in branding options. All of our charging cables will be able to incorporate at least a 1 colour print, however, if you’re a brand that requires a full colour design to be printed then our quad block charger is a great option. Brand the Quad block charger with your full colour logo to the digital decal and order from as little as 100 units.

If you’re looking for something a little more unique for exhibitions, then our lanyards with charging clips are the option for you. On a busy day when you’re using your devices nonstop and need easy access to a charging cable then the smart 2-in-1 lanyard ticks all the boxes, the lanyard ribbon even gives a large, full colour branding opportunity.

The USB C-Type Multifunctional charging cable is definitely the most popular option on our site, and we can see why! It’s a 4-in-1 charging cable with a standard USB connector cable, perfect for every device, every day. The Promotional multifunctional charger also features a retractable cable, so it’s easy to carry around every day and you don’t have to worry about the cable tangling in your bag!

If you’re giving branded charging cables away as part of an event giveaway or virtual mailout, then multi-charging cables are a great option. The Branded multi charging cables on our site can charge different devices, so you know that the receiver will be able to use them, whether they have an android or iPhone. If you need Multi Charging Cables quickly, then often we hold UK stock, let one of our account managers how many you need, how you want them branded and when you will need them by, and we can explore all the options for you.