Promotional Children's products are available in many forms. We have a range of printed fun pencils, branded children's colouring books, kites and yo-yos plus many other printed children's items.  If you can’t find the item you are looking for contact one of our sales team who will source it for you.

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A6 Sticker Activity Book

From £0.85
A6 Sticker Activity Book

Cotton pencil case

Cotton pencil case

Flashing Yo Yo

From £1.17
Freya Flashing Yo Yo

20 Piece Card Jigsaw

From £1.47
20 Piece Card Jigsaw

50 Balsa Motorplane

From £2.95
A recent addition to our balsa airplane advertising line is this exciting propeller

Abigail Coloured Pencils

From £0.26
Promotional 6 coloured pencils in box

Arcolor Pencil Set

From £0.42
Promotional 12 coloured pencils set

Bag of Lovehearts Sweets

From £2.44
Large bag of Lovehearts

Bag of Sweets

From £1.57
Personalised bag of sweets

Bath Water Temperature Gauge

From £0.61
Bath Water Temperature Gauge

Beau Artist Set

From £4.20
Painting set in wooden box

Brabo Crayons

From £0.35
Carton of 6 wax crayons

Button Badges

From £0.16
45mm Button Badges

Child Size Silicon Wrist Bands

From £0.32
Child Size Silicon Wrist Bands with Debossed Design

Children's Activity Packs

From £1.04
Children's Activity Packs

Childrens Crayon Set

From £1.15
30 Crayons in card tube.

Clover Art Set

From £0.98
Containing Colour Pencil Set, Paint, Paint Brush & Pencil Sharpener

Colored Pencil Set

From £0.34
Set of 6 coloured pencils in a cardboard box. 500pcs: £0.37 each 1000pcs: £0...

Coloret 12 Coloured Pencils in Pencil Case

From £1.48
Promotional Coloret 12 Coloured Pencils in Pencil Case.