Promotional Chocolate can be personalised or branded with your logo and artwork, many of our chocolate bars can be branded with a large full colour design. We even have a Graphic Design department on site who can help you bring your ideas to life. A tasty giveaway gift that is sure to please everyone! The range includes: Easter eggsNeapolitan chocolates, flow wrapped chocolate, chocolate bars and bespoke shaped chocolates. New to our range this year are our Vegan Chocolate Bars, a great branded gift for anyone on a Vegan Diet.

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Large 12 Segment Chocolate Bar

From £1.58
12 segment chocolate bar

Medium 6 Segment Chocolate Bar

From £0.95
6 segment chocolate bar

Hot Chocolate Spoon

From £2.65
Hot Chocolate Spoon

3 Baton Chocolate Bar

From £0.67
Wrapped Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Coin Net

From £1.22
Net of Chocolate Coins with CMYK Printed Tag

Ball Net

From £2.24
Solid milk chocolate foiled balls.


Price on request

25 gram Milk Chocolate Bar

From £0.93
25g individually wrapped chocolate

Foil Wrapped Chocolate Footballs

From £1.70
Mini Chocolate footballs

Eco Maxi Cube - Speckled Eggs

Eco Maxi Cube - Speckled Eggs

Chocolate Tennis Racket

From £1.30
Solid milk chocolate tennis racquet.

Neapolitan Chocolates

From £0.31
Neapolitan Chocolates

Heart Net

From £2.36
Solid milk chocolate hearts

Snack Tube with Cookies

From £3.08
Branded snack tube with Maryland Cookies

Sweet Tube-Chocolate Beanies

From £1.26
Sweet tubes filled with chocolate beanie chocolates

Football Jar

From £2.52
Jar filled with chocolate footballs

5g Neapolitan

From £0.37
5g silver foiled solid milk chocolate bar full colour wrapper.

Football Shape Solid Milk Chocolate

From £1.19
Football Shape Solid Milk Chocolate

Valentines Love hearts

From £1.52
Valentines Love hearts

Branded iced cupcakes

From £2.53
Branded iced cupcakes