Upgrade your table setting today with our exquisite coasters crafted from a variety of premium materials. Choose from glass, bamboo, slate, cork, acrylic, and brite-mat options, available in a range of sizes and shapes. From double coasters to circular and square designs, our collection adds style and protection to your tabletop. 

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Antibug Mousemat and Coaster Set

From £3.50
This product is treated with our patent protected, fully certified AntiBug® treatment to keep germs at bay. All items printed full colour

Bamboo Bottle Opener/Coaster

From £1.59
Bamboo coaster with bottle opener and magnet

Bamboo Coaster

From £0.93
Bamboo Coaster

Brite mat coaster

Brite mat coaster

Card coaster

Card scatter mat/coaster

Christmas Coaster Set

From £1.57
RPET felt coasters that are available in 3 colours

Coronation PVC Coaster

From £1.11
PVC Coaster in celebration of the King's coronation!

Double coaster

Double coaster

Foam Backed Coaster

From £0.47
Foam Backed Coaster

Glass Coaster

From £2.24
Digitally printed glass coaster

Glass Square Coaster

10cm jade glass square coaster. Engraved

Hardwood Coaster

From £1.47
Hardwood Coaster

Elevate your dining experience and protect your tabletops in style with our stunning collection of premium coasters. Crafted from a variety of high-quality materials including glass, bamboo, slate, cork, acrylic, and brite-mat, these coasters are designed to enhance your table setting while providing essential protection.

A Variety of Materials to Suit Your Style

Choose from our selection of luxurious materials to match your unique style and decor. If you prefer a sleek and contemporary look, our glass and acrylic coasters offer a modern touch. For a more natural and rustic feel, our bamboo and cork options bring warmth and texture to your table. These coasters are also eco-friendly and made from only the most sustainable materials. Additionally, our slate coasters add a touch of elegance with their natural stone finish, while brite-mat coasters provide a vibrant and eye-catching choice.

Sizes and Shapes to Match Your Needs

Our coaster collection includes a diverse range of sizes and shapes to cater to your specific requirements. Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or a grand dinner party, you'll find the perfect fit among our options. From classic circular coasters to square and double coaster designs, we offer versatility to complement your table setting.

Function Meets Style

Our coasters do more than just protect your furniture—they elevate your dining experience. They not only shield your tables from unsightly marks and spills but also add a touch of sophistication to every meal. With their exquisite craftsmanship and premium materials, these coasters are as much a statement of style as they are a practical necessity.

Enhance Your Tabletop

Upgrade your dining space with our premium coasters, blending functionality and aesthetics seamlessly. Whether you're savoring a quiet dinner at home or hosting a special occasion, these coasters are the perfect finishing touch to your table setting.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

Our coasters are not only beautiful but also built to last. Designed for everyday use, they withstand the rigors of daily life while retaining their elegance. Cleaning is a breeze; simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth, and they'll maintain their luster.

Make a Statement with Your Coasters

Your choice of coasters reflects your attention to detail and commitment to creating a memorable dining experience. Whether you're enjoying a morning coffee or sipping fine wine, our coasters add a touch of sophistication to every moment.

Browse Our Collection Today

Elevate your table setting and protect your furniture with our exquisite coasters. Explore our diverse range of materials, sizes, and shapes to find the perfect fit for your style and needs. Upgrade your dining experience today and make a statement with your choice of coasters.