Promotional compasses would be a great branded product as part of a school trip or event. Perfect for outdoor kits or mailouts, simply add branded drink ware, first aid kits, rucksacks or even torches to create a fully customised outdoor essentials pack. All our promotional compasses can be either printed or engraved, some of them can even be branded up to full colour! Ask us for a free quotation today or get in touch with our sales team to find out more information!

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Target Compass

From £6.15
Target Compass


From £1.50

ABS 6-in-1 Survival Tool

From £5.07
ABS multifunctional survival tool.

Plastic Compass with key holder

From £0.50
Plastic Compass with key holder

Keyring with Compass

Key holder with a plastic compass and metal ring.

Discover Your Path with Personalized Promotional Compasses

Unleash the potential of personalized promotional compasses as essential tools for your school trips, outdoor events, or mailouts. We offer a selection of compasses ready to proudly display your company logo through printing or engraving. These promotional compasses are not only navigational aids; they're also the perfect addition to custom outdoor kits. Pair them with branded drinkware, first aid kits, rucksacks, torches, and more to create a fully customized outdoor essentials pack.

Navigate with Branded Precision

Our promotional compasses are more than just instruments for finding your way; they're also powerful branding tools. When your logo adorns these precision navigational devices, it not only points in the right direction but also guides your brand message straight to your audience's hearts and minds.

Printed or Engraved: The Choice is Yours

Personalization options abound with our promotional compasses. Choose between printing or engraving to showcase your branding. Whether you prefer bold, colorful prints or an elegant engraved touch, we have the expertise and resources to transform your brand vision into a reality. Some of our compasses can even be branded up to full color, ensuring your logo shines bright.

Create Memorable Outdoor Experiences

Personalized compasses make ideal companions for school trips, outdoor events, and mailouts. They're more than just giveaways; they're tokens of adventure and exploration. Add them to your outdoor kits, and watch as they enhance the outdoor experience for your audience, strengthening their connection with your brand.

Chart Your Course with AMT Marketing

Embark on a journey of brand exploration with personalized promotional compasses. Contact us today to explore our range of compasses and receive a free quotation. Our sales team is also here to provide additional information and answer any questions you may have. Begin your brand adventure and ensure your message always points in the right direction with promotional compasses!