Keep your furry friends entertained for hours with our wide range of promotional dog products. AMT can offer a wide range of printed dog merchandise, from printed dog frisbees that are available in a wide range of styles and sizes, to printed dog leads and collars. All of which can be branded with your logo or artwork, our onsite graphic design team will help to bring your creative ideas to life! Most items are available in a range of colours to best suit your branding.

Printed promotional dog items can be used at a range of events to develop your brand, great for Dog charity events, Dog shows, promoting Kennels and Vets. As a nation of dog lovers and with almost a quarter of the UK population owning a dog a printed dog item will be useful to most people or someone they know.

If there’s something specific that you want but can’t find on our website, get in touch with our friendly sales team who will be happy to help! Our team can offer a vast range of ideas and our design team are able to help you with all the creative ideas you may have.

Promotional dog items are slowly becoming one of our most popular giveaways. Contact us today for more information how we can help your campaign.

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Bandana Dog Collar

From £1.88
Bandana Style Dog Collar

Big Pet Bowl

From £3.63
Large Pet Bowl

Dog Collar Tags

From £0.36
Round Shape

Dog Frisbee

From £1.54
Bendy Plastic Dog Frisbee

Dog Lead - 20mm

From £2.00
Dog Lead - 20mm

Dog Lead - 25mm

From £2.01
Dog Lead - 25mm

Dog Leads15mm

From £1.40
Dog Lead 15mm

Dog Training Clicker

From £1.72
Loud or quiet click

Dog Treat Bag

From £2.55
900D Polyester

Flybit Pet Frisbee

From £1.94
Fabric Frisbee

Foldable Pet Bowl

From £2.33
Polyester Pet Bowl

Folding Dog Bowl

From £1.88
Collapsible Food Bowl

High Visbility Dog Collar

From £1.52
Refelctive Dog Collar

Large Pet Bowl

From £1.78
Large Pet Bowl

Light Up Dog Lead

From £3.53
Dog Lead

Mini Tick Kit

From £2.03
Tick Remover Kit

Pet Care Kit

From £3.17
Large Pet Care Kit

Polyester Dog Collar

From £0.81
Polyester Dog Collar

Polyester Dog Lead

From £2.12
Polyester Dog Lead

Poop Bag Holder and Torch

From £2.52
Waste bag holder and light