Explore our eco-friendly headphones and earphones with long playing times and exceptional audio quality. Embrace sustainable sound with our range, including recycled plastic Bluetooth headphones, bamboo wireless earphones, and wheat straw wireless earphones. These eco-conscious options combine premium audio performance with extended listening, making your music experience even better.

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Recycled Plastic Bluetooth Headphones

From £24.86
Loop recycled plastic headphones Solid Black

ABS Wireless Earphones Marmara

From £17.52
Earphones in a bamboo case with wireless technology version 5.0. Includes charging cable.

Nantai True Wireless earbuds

From £22.94
Made of Wheat Straw and available in a beige colour

Jazz Bamboo Wireless Earbuds

From £15.75
Earbuds in bamboo casing.

RCS recycled plastic JAM wireless headphone

From £18.68
Foldable and has an in-built 200 mah battery which allows a playtime of 5 hours

Urban Vitamin Freemond wireless ANC headphone

From £70.00
Wireless Headphones with 20 hours playing time

RCS and bamboo Elite Foldable wireless headphone

Total recycled content is 66 % and the operating distance up to 10 metres.

Riff wheat straw Bluetooth headphones

From £14.76
Headphones come with microphone and are foldable

Oregon RCS recycled plastic and cork TWS earbuds

From £20.45
35 mAh battery and recharging time is 1.5 hours

Introducing our Eco-Friendly Headphones and Earphones.

At AMT, we believe that sustainable choices shouldn't mean compromising on quality or performance. That's why we're proud to introduce our range of eco-friendly headphones and earphones, designed to offer both exceptional audio quality and a commitment to environmental responsibility.

A Symphony of Sustainability

Our eco-conscious collection includes a diverse array of headphones and earphones crafted with sustainability in mind. From recycled plastic Bluetooth headphones to bamboo wireless earphones and wheat straw wireless earphones, we have an eco-friendly audio solution for every taste and preference.

Wireless and Foldable Convenience

Embrace the freedom of wireless technology and the convenience of foldable designs. Our eco headphones and earphones offer a tangle-free listening experience, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite tunes on the go without the hassle of cords.

Long Playing Times, Exceptional Audio Quality

We understand that your listening experience is paramount. That's why our eco headphones and earphones are engineered for long playing times and exceptional audio quality. Immerse yourself in your music or podcasts without interruption and relish the rich, clear sound that our headphones and earphones deliver.

Sustainability Meets Style

Not only do our eco headphones and earphones offer impressive performance, but they also make a style statement. Choose headphones or earphones that reflect your commitment to sustainability while enhancing your personal style.

Explore Your Eco-Friendly Options

Discover the perfect eco-friendly audio companion to elevate your listening experience. Our range combines style, sustainability, and superior audio quality, ensuring that you can enjoy your music while minimizing your environmental footprint.