AMT have a large range of promotional pedometers and fitness bracelets - all of which can be branded with a company logo or slogan. Our large range of printed pedometers includes stopwatches and calorie counters. Our branded fitness bracelets come with their own App's so you track your progress.  

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Bluetooth Activity Tracker

From £52.50
Bluetooth tracker with a 3D sensor

Plastic Pedometer

From £2.42
Measures Steps, Calories & Kilometres


From £6.57
2 in 1 fat analyser and pedometer with calorie, step and distance counter as wel..

Bracy Sports Bracelet

From £22.92
Bluetooth sports bracelet

Round Bracy Wristband

From £19.68
Health wristband

Supotsu Wristband

From £22.46
Smart health wristband

Risum Fitness Tracker

From £38.78
Fitness tracker with heartrate

Onmood Pedometer

From £1.80

Runers Pedometer

From £2.91
Trendy style pedometer with clip

Fancy Pedometer

From £12.53
3D sensor pedometer

Record Pedometer

From £3.44
Digital stopwatch w/ necklace

Fitback Pedometer

From £12.66
Pedometer w/ pulse heart rate

TrackFast Pedometer

From £1.83
TrackFast Pedometer

Digital Pedometer

From £3.47
Digital Pedometer