Step into a Healthier Future with Personalized Promotional Pedometers and Fitness Bracelets

Elevate your brand while promoting a healthier lifestyle with AMT's extensive range of promotional pedometers and fitness bracelets. From branded pedometers equipped with stopwatches and calorie counters to fitness bracelets seamlessly integrated with tracking apps, our selection offers a world of possibilities to customize with your company logo or slogan.


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Onmood Pedometer

From £2.33
Step Pedometer

Clip On Step Pedometer

From £1.40
Pedometer With Clip packed in a bubble bag

Pedometer bracelet

From £4.18
Includes step, distance, time and calorie counter. 1 AG10 cell battery included.


From £4.06
Pedometer with silicone wristband

Health Watch

From £33.04
A functional fitness bracelet available in black

RCS recycled TPU Fit Watch

From £31.35
Fitness watch with 1.3” point touch colour screen

Bracelet Pedometer

From £2.70
Bracelet Pedometer

Step into Wellness with our Personalized Promotional Pedometers and Fitness Bracelets

At AMT Marketing, we understand the significance of wellness in today's fast-paced world. That's why we offer a diverse range of promotional pedometers and fitness bracelets, each ready to be personalized with your company logo or slogan. These fitness companions not only promote your brand but also encourage a healthier, more active lifestyle among your clients, customers, and staff.

The Power of Personalized Fitness Tracking

Our selection of promotional pedometers includes a variety of features designed to help individuals monitor their fitness journeys effectively. From stopwatches for precise timing to calorie counters that track progress, our branded pedometers provide the tools necessary for a more active lifestyle.

Smart Fitness with Branded Fitness Bracelets

For a more advanced approach to fitness tracking, explore our branded fitness bracelets. Equipped with their own user-friendly apps, these bracelets enable wearers to monitor their physical activities, set goals, and track progress seamlessly. Whether it's steps taken, calories burned, or sleep patterns analyzed, our fitness bracelets offer comprehensive insights for a healthier lifestyle.

Promoting Wellness, One Logo at a Time

By personalizing our promotional pedometers and fitness bracelets with your company logo or slogan, you're not just promoting your brand; you're advocating for wellness. As your recipients embrace these wellness tools, they'll associate your brand with the positive impact of a healthier lifestyle.

Perfect for Corporate Wellness Programs

Our fitness products are ideal for corporate wellness programs. They provide a tangible and motivating way to engage employees in physical activity and healthier living. Promote team challenges, reward achievements, and foster a culture of wellness within your organization.

Embark on a Healthier Journey with AMT Marketing

Join us in promoting wellness and active living with personalized promotional pedometers and fitness bracelets. Contact us today to explore our range of fitness companions and discuss how we can help you make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of your audience. Embrace the power of fitness tracking as you strengthen your brand's connection to a healthier future!