We have a wide range of printed promotional footballs. From fully bespoke to custom footballs to branded full size footballs, AMT can offer a promotional personalised football to meet your requirements.The printed football range starts at Size 0 up to a Size 5. Send us your logo, and we will design and mock up a 3D bespoke football completely free.

Please click here to see our useful football size guide.

Mini Football Size 0

Price on request
BEST SELLER. The Mini Football can be made up in most colours and printed.

Size 5 Football 32 Panels

Price on request
Promotional Printed Football. Branded Size 5 Football. Perfect for football clubs and football based promotions using a personalised football.

Size 5 Football 6 Panels

Price on request
Branded Size 5 Football. Full size football made from 6 Panels.

Size 5 Football 12 Panels

Price on request
PVC size 5 football made of 12 panels

Size 5 Football 18 Panels

Price on request
18 panel size 5 football.

Size 5 Football 24 Panels

Price on request
Size 5 Hand Stitched 24 Panels Football

Size 5 Football 26 Panels

Price on request
Full Size Football 26 Panels Construction

Size 5 Football 30 Panels

Price on request
30 Panels Construction Full Size Football

Size 4 Football

Price on request
Size 4 Branded Football

Size 3 Football

Price on request
Made Of PVC Material

Size 2 Football

Price on request
Size 2 Football Hand Stitched PVC Material

Size 1 Football

Price on request
Midi Size 1 Football

Size 5 Training Football

Price on request
Size 5 Football suitable for Training

Size 5 Match Football

Price on request
Size 5 Football suitable for competitive use

Football Keyrings

Price on request
Football Keyring. Made from PVC material with foam inside.

Flag Football

Price on request
Flag ball available in any size

World Football

Price on request
32 panel world map football.

High Gloss Size 5 Football

Price on request
High Gloss PVC match ready Football.

Leather Football Size 5

Price on request
Personalised real leather football size 5

Leather Football Mini Size

Price on request
Vintage mini leather football


that the game involving a team of players kicking a ball is thought to be as old as 3000 years?  Though modern Football (or Soccer as known in the USA) originated in England in 19th century and was regulated by 1863.  Ever since Football has become the most followed sport in the world with an estimated 1.3 billion people watching it on a regular basis.  In 1908 Football was included in the Olympic Games for the first time.

Due to its popularity, personalised footballs have become increasingly appreciated as a giveaway and many organisations opt for bespoke footballs to promote corporate events, brand launch or sporting events such as League Games or World Cup.

AMT Marketing can help you with creating and manufacture the best football for your promotion.  Footballs can be made in a range of different sizes and panel configuration to suit your design.  


The size 0, or mini football, is the most popular due to being cost effective and easy to post.  It is traditionally made of 12 panels - although a 32 panel option is also available. 

We always recommend promotional quality footballs as a starting point as they are less expensive to manufacture and are just as effective as the better quality ones.   These are made of 2 ply PVC material and weigh approximately 280gr which is ideal if you send them individually to your customers.  A branded football is the perfect product to make your brand noticed by a large audience.

For a more professional look and feel we can also offer training and match quality balls which are made respectively of 3 ply and 4 ply PVC material.   Your football can be further upgraded by using PU material instead of PVC, which is much softer and allows better control, and a high retention bladder so less inflating is needed. 


All our footballs are hand made to order overseas by a team of very skilled stitchers and printers and typically takes 3-4 weeks from order to delivery.  This lead-time is subject to change depending on the complexity of the order and how busy the factory is at the time of order.  It has been possible to occasionally deliver within 2 weeks.

Do get in touch with us to discuss the specifications of your project and we will recommend the best option to meet your budget and deadline.