Elevate Your Garden with Our Range of Seeds, Tools, and More!

Experience the joys of gardening with our vast selection of seeds, gardening tools, birdhouse kits, and an array of gardening essentials. At AMT Marketing, we bring you everything you need to nurture your garden into a thriving oasis. Explore our collection and embark on a sustainability journey of planting, nurturing, and enjoying the beauty of nature in your own outdoor space.

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Terracotta flower pot with plants

From £3.45
Mint, Parsley and Basil

Mixed seeds in craft envelope

From £1.26
Honey bee flowers

Bomb seed growing kit

From £1.62
Wildflower seeds in carton box

Growtree pine seeds

From £4.85
Pine tree will grow

Mix Seeds

From £7.06
Zinc plated plant tub with a selection of 3 herbs

Mint seeds

From £2.17
Can be turned to compost

Basil seeds in bag

From £2.11
Can be turned to compost

Strawberry growing kit

From £7.65
a strawberry growing kit including compost.

Herb pot in wooden case

From £4.93
With mint seeds

Utah bamboo weather station

From £14.18
Made with recycled plastic

Gardening Set

From £22.35
Set of 7 garden tools. Harrow, 2 spades, gloves, watering can, wire and scissors with bag.

MDF birdhouse kit

From £3.10
MDF birdhouse kit, self-assembly

Cultivate Your Garden Dreams with Our range of Gardening Supplies

Gardening isn't just a hobby; it's a passion that brings us closer to nature, fosters creativity, and enriches our lives. We greatly understand the profound love for gardening and offer an extensive range of gardening products to transform your green dreams into reality.

Seeds: Your Gateway to Growth

Seeds are the starting point of every garden adventure, and we've curated a diverse collection of seeds to suit every gardener's desires. Whether you're cultivating a vibrant flower garden, growing your own organic produce, or nurturing aromatic herbs, our seeds provide the foundation for your green haven.

Gardening Tools: Your Trusted Companions

The right tools can make all the difference in your gardening journey. Our selection of gardening tools is crafted for durability and efficiency. From sturdy shovels to precise pruners, we offer the tools that empower you to tend to your garden with ease and precision.

Bird House Kits: Welcome Feathered Friends

Invite the wonders of nature into your garden with our birdhouse kits. Create a safe haven for your feathered friends and enjoy the serenades of visiting birds. Assemble these kits with ease and watch as your garden becomes a sanctuary for both plants and wildlife.

Gardening Essentials: Beyond Seeds and Tools

In addition to seeds, tools, and birdhouse kits, we provide an array of gardening essentials that elevate your gardening experience. From soil enrichments to planters, from garden décor to watering solutions, we offer everything you need to nurture a thriving garden.

Embrace Your Green Journey.Gardening is more than just a pastime; it's a fulfilling experience that fosters growth, both in your garden and within yourself. 

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Explore our vast selection of gardening products, and let your garden flourish like never before. Connect with our team for expert advice, recommendations, and support in making your gardening dreams come true. Join us in nurturing the beauty of nature and celebrating the wonders of your garden, one seed at a time.