Homeware products are essential items that people use daily in their homes, making them a practical and useful choice for businesses to offer as gifts or incentives. These items can be designed to reflect the values and style of the company, making them a great way to reinforce brand identity and messaging. Homeware products are a thoughtful and effective way for businesses to connect with their audience and build lasting relationships.

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Bamboo Bath Set

From £16.62
3-piece bamboo bathroom accessories set.

2-Piece 100ml Double Wall Glass Mug

From £10.67
Double-wall glass cups with bamboo coasters

2-Piece 250ml Double Wall Glass Mug

From £11.24
Double-wall glass cups with coasters

2-Piece 350ml Double Wall Glass Mug

From £14.52
Double-Wall Glass Mugs with Bamboo Coasters

Electric Corkscrew Solid Black

From £35.42
Electric corkscrew with light up logo.

Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

From £48.40
Rechargeable salt and pepper grinders

Digital Shower Timer

From £0.94
Guitty digital shower timer - White

Oil and Vinegar Pourer

From £12.30
Duel compartment glass cruet

Comfort BBQ Lighter

From £1.86
Comfort BBQ Lighter

Glenavy Bamboo Cheese Set

From £11.97
2 cheese knives and a fork

Bamboo cheese & wine set

From £27.78
Includes various utensils


From £22.00