Promotional Hoodies

If your target audience is mainly children, teenagers or young adults, then we suggest you consider Promotional Hoodies as a way of attracting attention and interest. Promotional Branded Hoodies are a popular choice with universities & colleges, dance schools, sports events and the leisure industry. Printed or embroidered with your company logo and name they will go down a treat in any gift shop!
There are plenty of style options available when it comes to looking for Promotional Hoodies. From the standard College Hoodie, a pull over style unisex hoodie available in over 60 different colours, and the Classic Lady-Fit Hoodie, benefitting from a feminine fit. Right the way through to the slightly more versatile Lightweight Full Zip Hoodie.
Whichever style option you choose we can help design and brand your next promotional hoodie to advertise your company. With multi branding positions available we can really tailor these promotional hoodies to your brand requirements.

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Classic Hoodie

From £11.25
FOTL Classic 80/20 hooded sweatshirt

Classic Lady-fit hoodie

From £11.20
FOTL Classic 80/20 lady-fit hooded sweatshirt

College Hoodie

From £9.85
AWDis College Hoodie

Heavy Blend Full Zip Sweatshirt

From £12.75
Gildan Heavy Blend Full Zip Sweatshirt

Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt

From £9.99
Gildan Heavy Blend hooded sweatshirt

ID 003 Hooded Sweatshirt

From £12.40
B & C Collection ID.003 Hodded Sweatshirt

Lady-Fit Lightweight Hoodie

From £12.00
FOTL Lady-Fit lightweight full zip hoodie

Lightweight Full Zip Hoodie

From £13.45
FOTL Lightweight hooded sweatshirt jacket


From £12.90
AWDis Zoodie

Organic Hoodie

Price on request
Organic Hoodie

Cruiser Iconic Hoodie

Price on request
Stanley / Stella Unisex Cruiser Iconic Hoodie Sweatshirt

Cultivator Iconic Zip-Thru Hoodie

Price on request
Stanley / Stella Cultivator Iconic Zip-Thru Hoodie

Unisex Varsity Hoodie

From £11.63
Unisex Varsity Hoodie

Men's Varsity Hoodie

From £14.93
Men's Varsity Hoodie