The Promotional Magic Cube can be printed up to full colour on every face. Branded Magic Cubes are an ideal marketing tool, they represent a source of brand interaction that has earned its name. It's high-precision manufacture, high-quality appearance and feel communicate the quality of your marketing message to users. A Promotional Magic Cube ensures your customers full attention and intensive interaction with your message. 

Magic Cube

Price on request
The Magic Cube® an exciting marketing puzzle!

Magic Diamond

Price on request
The Magic Cube that turns into a Diamond!

Magic Triangle

Price on request
The versatile Magic Triangle

Magic Card 160

Price on request
The brand new Slim line Magic Card 160. Branding you can play with!

Magic Can

Price on request
Take a look inside the Magic Can!

Magic Square

Price on request
The Magic square a real mailing pro!

Magic Orbit

Price on request
A new variation on the cube!

Discover the promotional power of our customizable Magic Cubes, where every face becomes a canvas for your brand. These captivating cubes offer a unique and interactive way to showcase your marketing message, making them an ideal tool for elevating your brand's presence.

Full-Colour Brilliance: Our Magic Cubes can be printed in stunning full colour on every surface. This vivid and vibrant printing capability allows your brand's imagery, logos, and messages to shine, ensuring that your promotional message leaves a lasting impact.

A Trusted Marketing Tool: The Magic Cube has earned its reputation as a trusted marketing tool, offering a source of brand interaction that captivates and engages. Its high-precision manufacturing, quality appearance, and tactile feel convey the excellence of your marketing message to users.

Intensive Interaction: When you choose a Promotional Magic Cube, you're opting for a promotional item that guarantees your customers' full attention and intensive interaction with your message. Each twist and turn of the cube becomes an opportunity for engagement, ensuring that your brand stays top of mind.

Your Brand's Creative Canvas: The Magic Cube's multi-faceted design allows you to explore your creativity and deliver a message that truly stands out. Whether you want to showcase your product lineup, share important information, or simply create an entertaining puzzle, the Magic Cube provides a dynamic platform to convey your brand story.

Start Your Brand's Magic Journey: Elevate your brand's presence and captivate your audience with the enchanting world of personalized Magic Cubes. These tactile and interactive promotional items are designed to leave a lasting impression on your customers. Harness the promotional potential of the Magic Cube, and let your brand's message come to life in a way that's engaging, memorable, and impactful. Contact us today to embark on your brand's magical journey with personalized Magic Cubes.

Transform your marketing message into a tangible, interactive experience that resonates with your audience. Contact us now to explore the endless possibilities of personalized Magic Cubes and unlock a world of brand engagement.