Promotional Pencils are a cheap way to advertise your company. We offer a wide range of branded pencils from your standard wooden pencil, to corporate mechanical pencils. All of which can be customised and printed with a logo or message. Our promotional pencils are available in many colour choices, we can also provide packs of colouring pencils in a personalised tube! They are ideal for promotional events where you are looking for child friendly giveaways. 

If you can't find what you're looking for, then please don't hesitate to contact our friendly sales team who will source the item for you.

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Abigail Coloured Pencils

From £0.18
Promotional 6 coloured pencils in box

Coloret 12 Coloured Pencils in Pencil Case

From £2.02
Promotional Coloret 12 Coloured Pencils in Pencil Case.

Lambut Pencils

From £0.92
Promotional Lambut 12 Coloured Pencils

Mophead Pencils

From £0.95
Promotional Mophead Pencils

Petit Lambut

From £0.62
Promotional 6 piece in tube

Recycled CD Pencil

Price on request
Promotional Recycled CD Pencil

Recycled Denim Pencil

Price on request
Promotional Recycled Denim Pencil

Recycled Paper Pencil

From £0.31
Promotional Recycled Paper Pencil

Woodby 26 Piece Colouring Set

From £2.26
Promotional Woodby 26 Piece Colouring Set

Sprout Pencil

Price on request
Pencil with seed capsule instead of a rubber. Laser engraving with a range of seeds available

12 Piece Colouring Set

From £2.16
12 Colouring Pencils

Carpenter Pencil - FSC Certified

From £0.32
Carpenters Pencil

Giotto Mechanical Pencil

From £1.40
Push Mechanical Pencil

Neon Fluorescent Pencil

From £0.17
Fluorescent Pencil

Recycled Mechanical Pencil

From £0.40
Made From Recycled Plastic

Recycled Pencil Sharpener

From £0.39
Made From Recycled Plastic

Standard Wooden Pencil - Eraser

From £0.15
Standard Pencil With Eraser

Shadow NE Pencil

From £0.14
Matt Black finish

Techno Metal Pencil

From £0.68
Techno Metal Pencil

Contour® Argent Pencil

From £0.35
Contour® Argent Pencil

Economical and Effective: Promotional Pencils for Your Brand

In the world of cost-effective advertising, promotional pencils stand out as a budget-friendly way to promote your company. At AMT, we offer a diverse range of branded pencils, from classic wooden options to corporate mechanical pencils, all of which can be personalized with your logo or message.

Customizable and Colorful

Our promotional pencils come in a wide array of colors, ensuring you find the perfect match for your brand's identity. Whether you prefer a traditional look or want to infuse vibrancy into your promotional campaign, we have color choices to suit your needs. Plus, we can provide packs of coloring pencils in a personalized tube, making them ideal for child-friendly giveaways at promotional events.

Versatility in Advertising

Promotional pencils offer versatility in advertising. They are suitable for various occasions and purposes, making them a reliable choice for spreading your brand message. Whether you're promoting your brand at trade shows, events, or through direct mail campaigns, these pencils are the perfect tools to get your message across.

Affordable Branding

One of the most significant advantages of promotional pencils is their affordability. They offer a cost-effective way to get your brand in the hands of your target audience without breaking the bank. Despite their low cost, they have a high impact on brand visibility.

Tailored to Your Needs

At AMT, we understand that every brand is unique. If you can't find the exact promotional pencil you're looking for in our selection, our friendly sales team is here to assist you. We'll source the ideal item to match your specific requirements.