Reusable items are becoming a big part of our daily lives. We hear on the news so often now about ways we can help save our environment. We have created oceans of plastic and now is the time to help. 

Our range of reusable coffee cups are the perfect giveaway any time of year, also your clients can receive a discount in big brand coffee shops when taking their own cup. The reusable shopper bags can save your clients the 5p bag charge which has proved successful - this is a great way to show social corporate responsibility. 

Our items can be branded quickly with your company logo or design. From spot to colour to full colour we'll be sure to help you along your way to a 'Plastic Free Pledge'

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1000cc Olympic Sports Drink Bottle

From £1.56
Plastic PE Material. Capacity: 1000ml. Available in Translucent Clear or White. Minimum...

500cc Olympic Sports Drink Bottle

From £1.19
Plastic PE Material. Made in the UK. Capacity: 500ml. Available in Translucent Clear, White...

Allington' Cotton Canvas Bag

From £4.44
Capacious Bag with 13cm gusset. Made from natural 12oz cotton canvas.

Americano Cortado

From £3.64
Americano Cortado

Americano Mug

From £3.03
Double walled insulated mug made with Polypropylene

Andro Shopper

From £1.31
Andro Shopper

Aqua Water Bottle

From £5.15
BPA Free Drinks Bottle

Baseline Sports Bottle 500ml

From £1.57
500ml sports bottle

Bayford Reusable Shopper

From £1.70
210D polyester large shopper which folds into a pouch in the corner of the bag and seals with a pull string

Challenger Mug

From £2.55
Challenger Mug

Challenger Tumbler

From £2.21
Challenger Tumbler

Chatham Budget Shopper Tote Bag

From £1.85
Partly made from recycled materials

Dargate Jute Bag

From £3.97
Dargate Jute Bag

Duke 500ml Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle

From £12.00
500ml Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle

Eco Can

From £8.01
Eco Drinking Can

Ecoffee Cup 12oz

Ecoffee Cup 12oz - Bamboo reusable cup

Ecoffee Cup 14oz

Ecoffee Cup 14oz - Bamboo reusable cup

Ecoffee Cup 8oz

Ecoffee Cup 8oz - Bamboo reusable cup

Folding Shopping Basket

From £19.07
600d Polyester with Zip Side Pocket & Aluminium Silver Metal Frame.

Geo 350ml Copper Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

From £11.65
350ml Copper Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Embrace Sustainability with Promotional Reusable Items

In a world increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of single-use plastics, there's a better way forward. Our extensive range of reusable products, including bags, cups, straws, and water bottles, provides eco-friendly alternatives that not only benefit the planet but also enhance your brand's visibility.

Branding That Makes a Lasting Impression

What sets our promotional reusable items apart is their branding potential. Each item in our collection can be personalized with your company logo, ensuring your brand message is seen time and time again. The longevity of these products means your company branding remains visible for many years to come. This makes branded reusable items a cost-effective investment in your marketing and advertising strategy.

Sustainable Branding, Sustainable Planet

By choosing our reusable items, you're making a sustainable choice that aligns with eco-conscious values. It's a statement that your brand prioritizes environmental responsibility and is committed to reducing single-use plastics. It's a powerful way to connect with consumers who share these values.

Our Extensive Range

Explore our diverse selection of promotional reusable items, including:

  • Bags: Stylish and eco-friendly, our reusable bags are perfect for shopping, commuting, or everyday use. Showcase your brand while promoting sustainable practices.

  • Cups: Replace disposable cups with our reusable alternatives, perfect for coffee enthusiasts on the go. Your logo will be in hand with every sip.

  • Straws: Say goodbye to single-use plastic straws and opt for our reusable straws, available in various materials and styles.

  • Water Bottles: Keep your brand hydrated with our reusable water bottles. These bottles are not only eco-friendly but also convenient for an active lifestyle.

Make an Eco-Friendly Statement

Join the movement towards a more sustainable future with our promotional reusable items. By choosing these products, you're not only investing in your brand but also making a positive impact on the planet. Connect with us today to explore customization options and embark on a greener branding journey.

Elevate Your Brand Responsibly

At AMT, we're committed to delivering eco-friendly branding solutions that leave a lasting impression. Let's work together to make a difference for your brand and the environment.