Promotional Stress Toys and Stress Balls in many shapes & colours. From branded stress mobile phone holders to printed stress balls and animals - we have them all! All our stress items can be printed with a company logo up to full colour to really make your branding stand out. Promotional Stress toys are popular items in offices and schools, meaning these versatile products are suitable for all ages; great for when you're trying to reach a large audience. We can even make bespoke stress shapes, just tell us your ideas and we'll help you design the perfect stress toy to suit your brand. 

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Stress Balls

From £1.34
Budget foam stress balls ideal for a 1 or 2 colour logo

Brain Stress Toy

From £1.41
Stress Brain Item

Energy Saving Light Bulb

From £2.21
Light Bulb Stress Item

Fidget Cube

From £3.30
Fidget Cube

Hard Hat Stress Toy

From £1.27
Hard Hat Stress Item

Heart Shaped Stress Toy

From £0.93
Love heart stress item

House Shaped Stress Toy

From £1.88
House Stress Item

Ship Stress Toy

From £2.10
Ship Stress Item

Smiley Face

From £1.10
70 mm foam smiley face

Snowman Stress Ball

From £1.88
Snowman stress item

Stress Aeroplane

From £1.53
Stress Aeroplane

Stress Apple

From £1.79
Apple Stress Item

Stress Armchair

From £1.76
Phone Holder Stress Item

Stress Beach Ball

From £1.81
Stress Beach Ball

Stress Beer

From £1.51
Pint of Beer stress item.

Stress Beer Mug

From £2.02
Mug of Beer Stress Item

Stress Block

From £1.54
Blocks stress items

Stress Blue Whale

From £2.10
Blue Whale stress item

Stress Carbon Footprint

From £1.88
Carbon Footprint stress item

Stress Champagne Bottle

From £3.32
Champagne bottle stress item

In today's fast-paced world, stress is an unavoidable companion in our daily lives. At AMT, we offer a delightful range of promotional stress toys and stress balls in an array of shapes and colors. From branded stress mobile phone holders to printed stress balls and adorable stress animals, we have a stress-relief solution for every need.

Unleash the Power of Promotional Stress Toys

Our stress-relief toys go beyond providing comfort and relaxation; they offer a unique branding opportunity. With the ability to print your company logo in full color, your branding will truly stand out. These promotional stress toys are not just for offices but are also popular in schools, making them versatile products suitable for all ages. They are the perfect choice when you're looking to reach a wide audience.

Why Choose Promotional Stress Toys?

  1. Stress Relief: Stress is a common factor in our daily lives, and having a stress-relief toy on hand can provide instant comfort and relaxation. Your brand can be associated with this positive feeling.

  2. High Visibility: These toys often find their way onto desks, making them a highly visible branding tool. Your company logo will be in constant view, reinforcing brand recognition.

  3. Versatility: Promotional stress toys are suitable for all ages and a variety of settings, from corporate offices to classrooms. They offer widespread appeal, making them an excellent choice for broad audience outreach.

Explore Our Fun Items

While our stress toys and balls are a fantastic addition to your promotional arsenal, don't stop there. Click here to explore our complete range of fun items, including games, toys, and novelty products. These items are designed to entertain, engage, and leave a lasting impression.

Branding That Makes a Statement

Your brand deserves to stand out, and our promotional stress toys are a fun and effective way to achieve that. In a world where stress is a common factor, your brand can be the source of relief and relaxation. Let us help you make a statement with personalized stress-relief products.

Choose AMT for Quality and Creativity

Elevate your brand with promotional stress toys that provide comfort, relaxation, and brand recognition. Explore our diverse range of stress-relief items and fun products today. Contact us to discuss your branding options and take the first step towards making your brand stand out in a fun and memorable way.

AMT is your partner in quality, creativity, and impactful branding. Let's turn stress into smiles together!