Promotional Sweets are a great way to advertise your brand in a way that will appeal to all ages. Branded confectionery and personalised sweets are available in many product forms to suit all budgets. We can offer customised mint tins, printed sweet packets, and personalised bags of sweets with a wide choice of different fillings available. Some of our promotional sweets can be colour matched to your own brand colours. The packaging of many of our promotional sweets can be customised and printed in full colour. Whatever the budget we will be able to find the ideal branded sweets for you.

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Eco Friendly Sweet Stacking Pot

From £4.58
4 Eco Sweet Pots Stacked in a Paper Wrap

Mint Tin

From £0.92
Rectangular Mint Tin

Midi Eco Pot - Mint Imperials

From £0.86
Midi Eco Pot - Mint Imperials

Small Snack Tube Chocolate Eggs

From £3.38
A eco friendly snack tube of foil wrapped chocolate eggs.

Logo Lolly

From £1.26
Embossed Logo Lolly

Frosted Logo Cupcake

From £2.53
Fresh Branded Cupcakes

Bag of Sweets

From £1.57
Personalised bag of sweets

Branded doughnuts

From £2.82
Branded doughnuts

Cake Pop

From £2.26
Branded Cake Pops

Chewing Gum Packs

From £0.97
Chewing Gum Packs

Football Lollies

From £0.35
Football Lollies

Gourmet Jelly Beans Maxi Round Pot

From £1.88
Filled with your choice of 36 Gourmet Jelly Bean flavours

Granola Bar

From £1.61
Branded Granola Bars

Jelly Bean Tin

Price on request
80g jelly bean tin

Large Beanie Pouch

From £1.12
Clear large pouch filled with chocolate beanies

Large pouch with jelly babies

From £1.19
Clear pouch filled with jelly babies

Large pouch with jelly beans

From £1.36
Clear pouch filled with jelly beans

Large Pouch With Mini Eggs

From £1.35
Clear pouch filled with chocolate eggs

Large pouch with skittles

From £1.34
Clear pouch filled with skittles

Large tin sweets

From £3.45
Large Hinged Tin Choice of Sweets