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SKROSS® PRO Light USB - World Adaptor & Charger

SKROSS® PRO Light USB - World Adaptor & Charger

Truly universal. For devices from more than 220 countries, works in more than 200 countries. Premium high-quality world travel adaptor.
Comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. Set of sliding buttons allows easy selection of pins. Selected pins then secured by lock button.

Comes with a dual USB port for charging 2 USB devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.) while using a third 2- or 3-pole device. - Multi-lingual Instruction Leaflet.  Fulfills all relevant safety regulations.

Product Dimensions: 70 x 58 x 67mm

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Units

Price on request due to currency fluctuations.

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Minimum order quantity: 50

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