Promotional Travel Mugs & Flasks offer a generous branding area. All of our personalised thermal mugs and flasks can be printed, some even engraved, to display your company logo. We can offer something to suit all budgets, the most popular and budget friendly branded travel mug being the polo plus travel mug, which comes in a large choice of standard colours. Another trendy choice is the Americano; with the ability to mix and match the mug, lid, and grip colour. It enables you to really customise this product to suit your brand - without building up additional costs of bespoke products. We have some great choices for top end Promotional Travel Mugs & Flasks including the contour tumbler.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, one of our sales team will be able to help you find the perfect product.

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Americano Mug

From £2.15
Double walled insulated mug made with Polypropylene

Ancoats Travel Mug

From £2.76
Ancoats Travel Mug

Bamboo grippy

From £1.98
Bamboo grippy

Blake Travel Mug

From £4.62
Blake Travel Mug

Brite Americano Grande Thermal Mug

From £3.24
UK Made thermal mug with handle

Cafe Takeaway Mug

From £1.30
Cafe Takeaway Mug

Collapsible Coffee Mug

From £3.97
Silicone Collapsible Coffee Cup

Collapsible Cup

From £6.48
Collapsible Cup

Contigo Travel Mug

From £16.25
Contigo Travel Mug

Contour Tumbler

From £8.86
350ml Tumbler

Dali Travel Mug

From £3.15
Dali Travel Mug

Duke 500ml Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle

From £11.23
Duke 500ml Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle

Ecoffee Cup 12oz

From £7.12
Ecoffee Cup 12oz - Bamboo reusable cup

Ecoffee Cup 14oz

From £7.45
Ecoffee Cup 14oz - Bamboo reusable cup

Ecoffee Cup 8oz

From £6.85
Ecoffee Cup 8oz - Bamboo reusable cup

Geo 350ml Copper Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

From £10.25
Geo 350ml Copper Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Gila Thermal Mug

From £2.45
Double Walled Mug

Haddon Take Out

From £3.17
Haddon Take Out.

Hip Water Bottle

From £11.80
Meet Hip - where style and functionality and united for good. Every Hip bottle purchased provides two days of safe drinking water to a person in need. Available with your logo.

Insulating Mug

From £6.10
500ml Silver Thermal Mug

Printed Travel Mugs & Flasks are a great promotional giveaway. They are always well recieved and kept as a reusable item.


Tea or Coffee?

We are a nation of Tea & Coffee lovers with 95million cups of coffee drunk per year. Coffee shops are popping up in our highstreets all over the UK and the takeaway coffee culture is at an all time high. 

Reap the Rewards!

There are a number of coffee chains now that will give a discount or additional loyalty points when you provide your own coffee cup, this is great for their eco footprint as Costa estimates we throw away 2.5 billion coffee cups a year! Some coffee shops will give you as much off as 50p per drink - saving your bank balance and well as the planet!


Our range of coffee cups come in a varity of styles - some with handles, some without - some can keep your drinks hot up to 24hours! Great for a commute to work or a walk out!

A reusable cup can last for years, so why not provide a branded product that can be used time and time again - get your brand right into the hands of your clients, customers and staff.

With full colour wrap around branding opportunities these are great for showing off designs and communicating as much information as possibe - Our graphics team can create 3-D visuals showing you exactly how your printed merchanise will look!